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7 Ways the Periscope App Will Change the Way We Experience Life

Daily life for most adults consists of family, work and social functions. People often want instant access to exciting news from those closest to them that the constant pace of life may not allow for at certain times.

Welcome, Periscope! Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS that brings instant video communication to a brand new level.

The Periscope app is an interactive tool that delivers advantages for today’s person who has a busy schedule, and also for the more casual person who may enjoy attractive, up-to-date technology that’s fun to play with.

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Periscope App


Below are 7 reasons why Periscope brings fun, exciting and interactive encounters for its users.

1. No more waiting for visuals

Waiting is not seen as a benefit in most cases. However, for good news to share that includes enticing visuals, not having to wait can be a good thing.

The instant, live video streaming of Periscope allows for exciting events that are shared without having to wait to send the good news.

2. Twitter Friendly

It’s known that Twitter has taken a large piece of the social media world. Now the growing media outlet mogul has added Periscope as a free application for account holders.

One can now show live videos to their followers on the go. The live video application should be sure to further “hook” followers into staying even more engaged as up to date visuals captivate their audience.

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3. Versatility

News reporters now have another item in their toolbox with Periscope. The birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was filmed by CNN’s Max Foster using the Periscope app. Other professionals can benefit from Periscope as well.

A real-estate agent can now show a house to a client with a busy schedule. If

the client can’t see the house in person right away, a walk through the market house via Periscope may save headaches as a man’s wife can already see that the “kitchen is too small” through the live stream. Periscope may save a wasted trip to the property for the agent and the clients.

4. Live

The versatility mentioned in number 3 above will render some tools useless or out of date in some industries. A contractor who can promise a client “live updates” in construction may have a significant advantage over one who will send pictures 7 days later. Live instant access is available 24/7!

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5. Great for Businesses

Thanks to the tech age businesses have been able to communicate better than ever. Periscope is a great example of this. With periscope you and your employees are able to easily plan out activities and communicate via video.

We would not recommend using Periscope as a security system however, instead we would recommend leaving that to professional companies designed for that purpose such as Pro-Vigil.

6. Age Encompassing

Some members of our senior population have gladly embraced technology while others may remain reluctant.

A live streaming of someone’s grandchildren may prove to be an incentive to want to learn how to embrace mediums where Periscope is made available.

It is known that the younger generation catches on quickly. However, Periscope is sure to arouse curiosity to many of the older generation due to the instant access to loved ones.

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7. Convenience

The instant video access is previously well documented. Family portraits and holiday card purchasing may be sized down when the family members can get together to send grandma that lovely video stream saying “I love you”.

A person who can’t attend an anniversary celebration can send a “live stream” as opposed to a taped video. Live streaming gives more authenticity in ‘the moment”.

There are many ways to share news, photos and even videos. Periscope now gives instant access to live visuals for the technologically average person without the hassle of waiting for different forms of media to be delivered.

Any person with friends, a fan base or a serious professional in many arenas must consider Periscope to bring their experiences to true life.