6 Pocket-Friendly Mobile apps for hoteliers

Have you ever book a hotel without talking to a single individual or book massage for Spa treatment without dialling a single number? No? Then you will soon knock it in near future.

With the on-going trend of mobile technology, hospitality industry aims to attract more customers through mobile apps and user-friendly mobile sites.

People are now more versatile with the mobile usage and expect much out of their smartphones.

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The ratio of mobile users are increasing, so hoteliers should come up with various user friendly mobile apps for the guests to unite them with the hotel’s bookings, customer service, check hotel facilities, GPS directions, search for nearby attractions , restaurants etc.

hotel mobile apps

Hotel mobile apps helps hoteliers to increase their hotel’s revenue by offering new opportunities.

Hotels must take this opportunity by offering various mobile features that helps to reach out their potential customers, enhance brand visibility and be with the guest during the whole lifecycle.

Here, We list 6 such mobile apps that will be useful for hoteliers as well as their customers.

Innkey PMS is a professionally design hotel management software with mobile application by Innkey Infosystem pvt. Ltd. based out of Ahmedabad.

It provide hoteliers with up to date information about their sales, inventory and collection.

It monitors the business in real time, enables online ordering, inventory control, touch based billing interface that enhance customer service & speed up entire operations.

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InHotelApp is an imaginative mobile application designed for hoteliers to enhance their guests’ with useful & practical information during the stay.

This app can be used without internet connection also. All the data is placed in your visitor’s advanced smartphone that enhance ease of use and functionality of your hotel application.

The app covers mainly two categories. One category includes data such as facilities, web booking links, GPS services, social media links and more.

The second category helps as a travel guide around your hotel location like local attractions, nearby restaurants, bus/metro stations, emergency phone numbers, events etc.

Besides all, this app is fully dynamic that help hoteliers to choose the information that they like to show to their visitors.

Appytect is a mobile app development tool designed & developed by eZee Technosys. It is a leading technology provider that provides complete solution for hospitality industry and offers international quality products which have been used in more than 120 countries till date.

Appytect app helps hoteliers to enhance their guests with useful information about the hotel on their finger tips,in addition builds long term loyalty among them.

Appytect offers various features that help hoteliers to improve and strengthen their guest experience.

With the app guests can book the hotel directly using the built in mobile booking engine, a travel guide that helps to showcase all the nearby attractions, events ,GPS enabled feature on a single touch, Instant feedback facilty and more.

M-Hospitality is a leading mobile technology application that has high expertise in the hotel sector. It helps hoteliers to bring the latest cutting-edge technology to their guests’ hands and hotel operations.

M-hospitality develops a complete mobile solution for hoteliers that covers majority of the needs and brings measurable ROI by expanding in-house sales of hotel services.

The app helps hotels to increase their revenues by offering services such as integration with booking engine, feedback in real time, promotions, remotely managing the personnel, social media integrations, personalized guest services and more.

Hoteliers can build the loyalty with the guests before, during & after check-in using this unique, high quality mobile application.

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Hex is a product of AxisRooms that believes in making business distribution handy & accessible from any part of the world.

Hex mobile app enables hoteliers and their guests to manage rates, update deals & promotions, events, track bookings from anywhere and at anytime.

The app gives direct access to services such as easy & accurate search options, manage hotel listings, inventory, multiple booking option, room availability, transportation, payments etc.

iRiS empowers hotels by offering a world class guest services app which can easily get downloaded to guest’s smartphones or tablet.

It supports multi- languages, thus helps in smoother communication with their guests before, during and after their stay, offering guests a world of comfort and control.

With iRis Mobile imagine you can be able to fill the spa treatment slots, expand your in-house restaurant bookings, increase room service revenue by upto 41%,offer visits and rounds of golf etc, indeed up-sell at every opportunity all in just a touch of a button.

It can also be browsed in an offline environment (i.e) when 3G or wifi network are not available.

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A mobile app can tremendously increase hotel’s revenue & provide a competitive edge over other hoteliers. It can mark as a great addition to the hotel’s marketing strategy.

A new mode of communication can be generated among the hoteliers and their guests which can result into long term loyalty.

Hence, it is the right time for hoteliers using software technology to think of hotel app too.

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