6 Bad Internet Marketing Habits You Need To Quit In 2017

We didn’t even stop complaining about how it’s already 2016, and 2017 in on our doorstep. It’s true that time waits for no man, but it seems that the rest of the world isn’t waiting around either. As our lives become faster, everything happening to us continues to shuffle in front of our eyes like a movie on fast forward and to keep up, we need to speed up too. This is the main reason why trends for the upcoming year are discussed in October instead of in January and being innovative is proving to be practically impossible as our shortening attention spans just move pass it.

This syndrome of fleeting time has significant consequences in the realm of social media and internet marketing as well, seeing that the fight for customers’ attention is getting bloodier by the minute. This war metaphor might seem too harsh for you, but it is true nonetheless. And as we’re shedding our 2016 skin, it is time to seriously re-evaluate what skills will serve you in 2017 and what are best left behind in the dust of forgotten history. Though still so many people don’t take their internet marketing seriously, for others it has been a complete game changer, which is why everyone should read on carefully as we discuss six bad internet habits you need to quit in 2017, as well as what can be done to improve your marketing abilities.

1.      Stop Working Without A Strategy

In case you’re running your own social media accounts and all the marketing that comes with it, chances are you do things in the spur of a moment, without having any concrete goal in mind. Don’t worry, you’re one of many who believe marketing is nothing more than trying to be witty when putting their product out there. Reality check – there are many, many internet marketing experts out there who are your competition and will eat your cute little “marketing campaign” as a snack.

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In 2017 it is crucial to have a marketing strategy more than ever. Like we mentioned, everything is moving faster and to keep up you need to invest either yourself or financial resources in visibility of your business, blog, startup etc. Having a valid marketing strategy doesn’t just mean coming up with a series of steps that need to be done to acquire something, though this is also important. What is absolutely quintessential is to regularly revisit the strategy, improve upon it, experiment and let it show where there is room for being better. Precisely that dedication and attention to even smallest fluctuations will allow you to be ahead of your competition and accepted by your targeted audience.

2.     Leave Cheapskate Habits In 2016


How much money do you spend on internet marketing? How much of it is wisely spent? If you nurture a habit of constantly paying for the same marketing campaigns you’re not even sure work, you need to rethink what you’re doing. Even worse, if you believe that you don’t have to pay for internet marketing and that it will all happen by itself if you’re persistent enough – no, it won’t.

If you let someone else manage your business’ internet presence for you, then you should know that no matter how much of a good job they’re doing, you need to pay for advertising to get optimal results. Social media marketing, which is currently the best way to made your company name known to the rest f the world, requires investments. Unless you pay for post boosts and advertisements, only about 10% of your followers on Facebook will actually see your post, which is completely useless. You don’t need to invest a fortune, but make sure that every penny goes to good use. Naturally, you also need to have great content to attract your customers, otherwise all your investment will be in vain.

3.     Don’t Delay Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly


The age of mobile devices is here to stay, so you better be ready for it. Every past year witnessed growth in the mobile device usage, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in 2017. Just think about this statistic for a moment – the first thing over 50% of smartphone users do upon waking up is take their smartphones to check their social media accounts and emails and almost 70% of successful companies have funds going to mobile marketing. In short, going mobile means keeping up with the rest of the world.

User experience on your website could easily make or break your business and not having a mobile-friendly version of the site will be frowned upon by ever-growing mobile community, not to mention that people that don’t get what they want on your website, will go to your competitors. Also, Google has set penalties for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, so your SEO will suffer as well. Investing in mobile marketing will, if done wisely, be fortuitous, seeing that so many people always opt out for using mobile devices and your brand being visible and accessible everywhere will make all the difference.

4.     Don’t Neglect Your Security

Too many business owners still neglect the importance of security, especially when it comes to their websites, because many are firm believers of “it won’t happen to me” policy. However, with cybercriminal taking more sway every day, it’s safe to claim that your website, your customers and your entire business can be seriously compromised by dangers lurking in the dark corners of the web.

There are many efficient ways to keep your website safe from intruders, so that all your internet activities are safe from tracking and various forms of malware. Internet marketing is an incredibly useful tool, but it is also an opening for hackers to get your sensitive information and bring down your entire working system, if they so desire. Having a good antimalware program and firewall is crucial, and you should also consider other means of protecting your privacy – use a VPN to encrypt all your private data and if you’re using WordPress-based website, then there is a number of precautions you can take to keep your website safe.

5.     Don’t Shy Away From Videos And SnapChat


Using video for your marketing purposes is something you should start implementing right now, don’t wait for 2017. Video has gone a long way since YouTube, and a lot of it has to do with SnapChat that managed to incorporate 10-second “snaps” of people’s lives into their platform, creating a more personalized experience than any other platform could offer. Facebook Live followed closed by, so now you can talk to celebrities, that regularly go live and share snippets of their lives with their fans and you can just as well make videos in real time yourself.

True, you need to have a special kind of personality for this part of internet marketing, but first you need to realize that you shouldn’t use videos to exclusively promote what you do. Going live is an excellent way to become closer to your customers, make them feel as if they know you and that they can rely on you. You can set up a Q&A, address a certain topic that is the subject of interest for your clients, you can do anything, as long as it’s appealing for your targeted audience. If you’re not comfortable with this sort of exposure yourself, you can always hire someone original and professional to do the job for you.

6.     Don’t Do Everything On Your Own

While it’s great to come with a solid marketing strategy that also works and brings profit, you shouldn’t stay confined within the limits of what you alone can do.

Outreach has become an indispensable part of internet marketing and it can be of great help for your business too. Getting in contact with influencers in your line of work can bring tons of benefits for your work and make it more visible for everyone interested in your particular niche. While getting in touch with influencers may prove to be somewhat of a daunting task, once you do establish a connection with a few of them, you’ll see just how much good can come out of it. Of course, you shouldn’t just randomly pick anyone with a big number of followers, but rather set criteria of what you are looking for in an influencer and then start digging. The work you put into outreach will come back to you manifold if you’re smart about it. Experiment and you can be sure that in 2017 you will benefit significantly from outreach and all the perks it has to offer.

In conclusion, good internet marketing practice is like a chain reaction, every aspect of it depends on some other step you take. Our best advice for 2017 is keeping your nose in the wind and do your best to keep up with the trends, while constantly improving your marketing strategy to fit the needs of your business and your customers. – By Adam Ferraresi.

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