51% Off on Web hosting at A2 Hosting – Big Sale

Guys, planning to start a website? In a dilemma to buy hosting?? I also felt this on my starting days.

For a part time blogger, premium features like hosting is not affordable.

Even today I met a BlogSpot user who has strong desire to switch to WordPress. The only problem is expensiveness of hosting.

Hey still don’t know what hosting is? Actually it is a place where the contents of our website is stored. It is as simple as that.

If you are also in the same worry, then you entered the right place.

The well-known and super-fast hosting provider A2 Hosting is here for your rescue. Before going to the deal, let me know their awesome features.

Features of A2 Hosting

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • FutureServe Green Hosting
  • Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
  • SSD Hosting
  • SwiftServers Fast Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

These are just the unique features. A2 Hosting provides every common features apart from these ones.

Hey move the forefinger from your nose. All the features above are really true.

Don’t you see? They even offer a free trial of one month to test them.

If you are planning to start a blog on WP, don’t hesitate but choose A2 Hosting. Because it is specially optimized for WordPress.

The most significant feature is none other than load time. You will experience a huge decrease in page load time with A2 Hosting.

Check out here to read my own experience with A2 hosting.

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How to Grab Hosting with 51% Discount?

Usually they don’t charge much from clients. That guys know our mind I think.

Do you know what coupons are?
It is a special code which offers huge discount to us.

I will unveil the way to get quality hosting for very cheap price.

  1. Just go to their site by clicking here (aff. Link)
  2. Choose one of their plans, I recommend the intermediate plan.
  3. Just enter the coupon code “FAST 51” (without quotes)
  4. Pay the bill with discount and enjoy their awesome service.

Hey, be quick. It is a limited time offer. Just last for only 15 days. You can’t get benefits of this offer after Valentines day.

Enjoy your valentines day by surprising your valentine.

Thinking of a Unique way to surprise your valentine?

Hey don’t worry.

Just purchase the superb hosting from A2 Hosting. Do you think I am a nut? Or I said it to make some bucks?

No my friend, not at all. A2 Hosting is here to help you with.

Just recollect some old pics of your valentine from dusts. Tap away the dusts and make it a digital copy. (Hey I know it is already digital, it is good to be dramatic sometimes, isn’t it?)

Hey, purchased? Then go to your control panel.

There you see an auto-script installer. Saw?

Just click on it and install WordPress.

After installation complete, choose an elegant gallery theme.

Upload your pics there and do some little design tweaks.

If you are good at writing, then scribble some romantic notes also.

Before posting pics, change your SEO settings to no-index, unless everyone will have the access to your personal blog.

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Anyway then open your email client on 11:59 on February 13.

Just jot down a romantic message.

After all, just add this

“Hey sweet heart, this is my Valantines Day Gift for you” and add the link to your new blog.

I know your lover will be surprised.

Hey send me the bonus to make him/her excited 😉

Over to You

I know you got much more than expected from this post.

Why to wait??

Go and bag the special deal now. Count down started, 1..2..3..

  1. Hi Nisha

    A perfect review really where you covered all the aspects of subject hosting without any overemphasis on any point. You are a great writer.

    I think it is biggest level of discount company is offer and big offer for those who are just starting their blog and also for those who have any complain of their existing hosting to switch over it.

    Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  2. Hi Nisha,

    You have done such a wonderful job on this review of A2Hosting. You made it so clear and easy to understand. Hats off to you my friend!

    I will spread the news.


  3. Hi Nisha madam,

    I never thought that one can impress their valentine like that. nice review by the way. Will consider it when in need.

    Have a good day!

  4. The service of A2 hosting is extremely fast and speed up one of my website. There’s no bad word to say about their service at all.

  5. Nicely reviewed. Very nice write up. I would also love to see one for the new / up and coming WordPress( A2 Hosting provides every common features) hostings like WPOven, lightining base, getflywheel etc. I feel they offer almost the same features but because they are relatively new, they provide a better price.

  6. Although I wish like moving to WP but I do run for hosting money but this should help.
    Thank for sharing

  7. Hi Nisha,
    Nice share. It’s really a great offer by a2 hosting. Thanks for sharing this offer 🙂

  8. Hi nisha .indeed an informative and useful too .I am new blogger I am confused about hosting and purchasing my own domain .After reading I am thing about this

  9. Hi Nisha,
    Nice shearing.

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    BlogSpot users now have more choices.

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