5 Ways How to optimize Facebook Wall Posts for Action

Facebook should invariably opt for a theme song. Most suitable will be David Bowie’s all time hit “Changes”, due to the constant and mysterious changes coming for its algorithm. It is also not easy for all of us to buy the likes of fan base or make genuine fans to view your posts. But you can still get a boost in engagement and success in beating that clumsy algorithm by following these steps:

1. Introduction of call to action (CTA) in posts:

facebook call to action

Content makers usually get beaten up by the organic reach which instantaneously leads to sudden death of their content, which generally starts with the words “Like” or “Comment” or same. You can settle on other ways that include examples like the addition of call to action words to the next paraphrase. Use of words to motivate fans for liking your post with “Strike Thumbs Up” or other words, these are catchy as well as hardly traceable by the Algorithm.

2. Introducing Call to Action (CTA) in Images:

The other way round is to utilize the Image posting capabilities of Facebook for adding CTA phrases directly over the images you post on your page, this way you can commensurate your motives, merely getting scrambled into the Algorithm’s matrix!

Popularity of image sharing platforms (like Instagram) and embedding texts to appealing visuals of GIFs are some other ways to attract attention of fans without being caught.

A catchy image, luring the attention of fans can even produce better results than a plain text post as 50 out of 100 community members in actual reads these captions only. Never let your message getting blurred into numerous text feeds.

3. Optimization of posts containing links:

Chris Turitzin, Product Manager of Facebook claims, “Use of link-share is the best way to share an update”, while addressing for Facebook Algorithm’s recent update. However, sharing of link posts by standard previews isn’t enough for the optimal engagement until unless the preview images are of the correct dimensions. Other crux is to ensure that your brand’s website automatically pulls full previews of the images in these link share posts.

4. Addition of in-post contests and attributing to prizes:

Another great way of boosting your reach is via engagement of fans and community followers. “Contests and giveaways” in Facebook provides sovereignty to allow in-post promotional offers thereby eliminating the need of redirection of traffic to a micro-site or another tab for their active participation in these lucrative offers.

Although it includes minute issues, but is still a huge chance of gaining large traffic to your fan pages/ brand’s page.

5. Encouraging for non-conventional ways of commenting:

  • Asking the contestants for commenting using photos. As replies through images are appealing in visual appearance moreover encourage more people for checking comment posts and ultimately entering into the contests.
  • Asking them for tagging their friends and followers. Wherever sharing isn’t allowed, the tagging of friends might work like a charm to attract most of the people.

Sudden algorithmic changes of Facebook for sure leave us jostling. It is easy but tedious to spend money on each piece of your content to make it perform remarkably. So you can make a way through it by enacting the above mentioned ways.