5 Ways A Salespeople Can Make Good Impression

5 Ways A Salespeople Can Make Good Impression

Salespeople are key assets of the organization. They not only help to increase the sales but also play a crucial role in creating the brand awareness. People make perception of the brand based on their interaction and experience with the salespeople. Hence, salespeople have to bear multiple roles and responsibilities on their shoulders and need to be very precise and accurate in their work.

Here, I have listed 5 important essential tools and marketing elements that a sales person should possess in order to become more efficient and successful:

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1. Always carry Business cards

The biggest challenge faced by marketers is to create brand image and pro duct awareness in the market. Business cards can prove to be useful to overcome this challenge. Moreover, it also builds up trust for the salesperson and helps to gain credibility. Sales people should always carry a well designed business card with them and share them with all the prospective customers. It acts as a physical reminder about the meeting or interaction with an individual.

Salespeople Can Make Good Impression

A Salespeople Can Make Good Impression

2. Provide good Customer service

In order to sustain the competition and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers it has become mandatory to provide good customer service. The main focus of sales person should be to provide good customer service rather than pitching the sales deal, because if the customers are happy with the services then they are bound to repeat the purchases. Moreover, it is said that 80% of sales comes from 20% of customers; hence it is very important to provide good customer service.

3. Increase efficiency with CRM

CRM is a great tool that enables the sales people to be more productive and efficient while interacting with the customers. CRM software stores all the data and information about the customer which can be used by sales people to target the needs of the buyer. Moreover, it also help them to make their daily schedule which ensures that the customers are not ignored and are contacted on time. By using CRM software sales people become well equipped with the details about the customers which help in building a good rapport with the customer.

4. Do proper research

Before meeting the customers, it is very crucial to gather all the information about the him/her. A sales person should be aware about the needs of an individual and his business as the buyers feel more connected and engaged if they feel that the information provided can be helpful for their products. Sales people who do not understand the needs of the buyer and keep on talking about their offerings can never create a positive image. As per the research it was found that 82% of sellers are not aware about the needs of buyers. Hence, it is imperative to get detailed information about the individual and their business in order to create a lasting impression.

5. Build a good rapport

A good sales person would always focus on building a good rapport rather than closing a sales deal. During the first meeting a sales person should not do all the talking about the company and its offerings. Instead it is very important to listen to the needs and problems of the customers. If the sales person is able to build the good rapport and gain the trust then their image will be hardwired in the mind of the customers and will give them more sales. According to the study it was found that only 2% of sales happen during the first meeting. The other 98% occurs when the rapport and trust has been established.

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Sales people can be considered as asset of the companies as they play a crucial role in bringing more revenues. But they also have a major responsibility of portraying the good image of the brand. Hence, sales people should always be on their toes and strive to create good impression in the minds of the customer.