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5 Top Free Web Hosting Sites



The cost of maintaining a site can be more than setting it up. From designing a site to maintaining the site, all require anoutlay of one sort or the other and hence it is vital for businesses to reduce the expenditure as much as possible.

If you are browsing online to know the major free web hosting company then here we list the number of free web hosting service providers that would be a great opportunity to save money for other vital aspects of thebusiness.

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  1. 000Webhost

With a bandwidth of 100GB and disk space of 1.5GB, the is one of the best free web hosting service providers. It has been offering service since 2007 and since its inception has able to win many hearts.

The best aspect of this free of cost web hosting service provider is that it offers MySQL and PHP with no ads and no restrictions. In fact, you can expect up to 99% uptime, which is the proven result with most of the users. Besides weekly updates and ads free service, 000WebHost offer rich features that are able to successfully meet the growing demand of the consumers.

This hosting site manages its expenditure from money donated by its community members, which is around 14 million. With excellentrevenue generated each year, it offers comprehensive and well-consolidated packages to the customers so as to offer them more at lowest prices.

If you are looking out for more from 000Webhost then you can start with their package, which is available just at a price of $2 per month.

  1. Freehostia

Another popular and free of thecost web hosting site is Freehostia. It offers a bandwidth of 6GB and disk space of 250MB. It allows users to access 3 email accounts that make it one of the finest hosting sites for those who want something extra without spending money.

It offers users a range of distinct hosting tariffs with unique names such as Wildhoney, Supernatural, and Lovebeat. The Chocolate is its free plan that offers users with MySQL and PHP compatibility along with 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Even the support service is available for 24 x 7 making it one of the reliable hosting sites to use.

The surprising element of this site is its 1-hour email or ticket response. It is possible to conveniently install Joomla, PHPBB, PHP, and WordPress scripts with single-click functionality of FreehostiaElefanteInstallaer.

If you wish to avail from this site then you can always update to the premium and paid pacakges with the easy option of one-click. Outgrowing to other plans will offer you with more impressive features and functionality that is absolutely incomparable.

  1. 5GBFree

As the name suggests, 5GBFree offers 5GB free hosting space to its customers besides the 20GB bandwidth available on a monthly basis.It displays no ads and offers convenient domain hosting solutions.

With PHP scripting and 3 MySQL databases, it lacks the feature of offering free access to email accounts. But what the company boasts of is its advanced technology and seamless functionality. As per the company, it is offering the same cutting-edge software and incomparable technology, which other site hosting service providers would provide at a price of $15 – $20 per month. This is something revolutionary!

Even the security certifications and hardware of the site are outstanding. The support offered by the 5GBFree site hosting to the forum community is also a unique thing, which you might not discover in other free web hosting sites available till date. It definitely offers compatibility with various other platforms and channels, but you might not be able to find some features that other sites are offering.

To get more ease at your hands and to avail unlimited bandwidth and disc space all you need to do is spend $2.95 per month for the upgraded Pro version of the site.


If you are looking out for a trendsetter and the biggest hit in terms of data and monthly bandwidth, then hardly there would be any competition against the wonderful

It is the biggest providers of monthly bandwidth with an impeccable delivery of 250GB data allowance that too for absolutely free. The services offer one email account and 10GB of disk space along with 1 MySQL database. One thing to notice is that it lacks PHP scripting, but this is cleverly balanced by offering other great features and excellent functionality that other similar web hosting sites might not be able to deliver.

If you are a user without a domain name then you can check the free subdomains offered, like the Now, what if the free package is not able to fulfill all your requirements? In such case, you can always check out the deluxe and economy packages available at competitive prices and offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. These packages even offer monthly transfer to unlimited email accounts.

Also, it is among few of the web hosting sites that actively encourages theuse of hosting service to render backup support to important files and the best thing is that there is no limit to the size of the files.

  1. Zymic

Zymic is another spectacular website offering free hosting site service to the users. It is one of the features rich and reliable free web hosting service provides on the internet.

It offers 50GB bandwidth and disk space of 6GB on a monthly basis with uninterrupted support for the latest version of PHP and up to 3 MySQL databases. One thing you need to check about this site is that it offers no paid packages.

Besides hosting solutions, Zymic offers users with free of cost tutorials, templates, articles and also a Twitter account to get updates about any downtime. There is also an excellent forum that is presently down for maintenance and is available for the Zymic community to ask for and offer support.

While it is possible to create an account this site does not hold anything exclusive and exceptional.

So, these are the 5 top free web hosting sites in our list. Just check them out as they can be great additions to your business!

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