5 Tips for Successful Cricket Betting

When it comes to betting on cricket, you can find winning tips at 1xBet. The tips simplify your betting experience. It is recommended to follow many tips to become an accomplished and successful punter. Here are 5 cricket betting tips that should help you succeed.

1. Be Wary of Draws

A draw in soccer or other low-scoring sports can have a very high probability. However, when it comes to cricket betting on a draw is a long shot by far. You can have a good chance of getting a draw in a test match, but not in a one-day or other shorter formats of the sport.

  • It is a mistake to bet too often on a draw
  • It can be tempting to bet on draw if the second innings of a test match seems to go on forever
  • It is recommended to bet on the team having momentum

When it comes to test matches, you should keep in mind that it becomes increasingly difficult to bat because the pitch keeps deteriorating.

2. Keep Up-to-date with Latest News

Even when you rely on tipsters for your cricket betting tips, it pays to stay up-to-date with the latest news. Stay up-to-date about the following aspects:

  • Current players
  • Rules
  • Team news

This is important because the betting odds are going to change accordingly. Player ratings keep changing based on the teams that are playing and the tournaments involved.

3. Keep Learning More

Like any other sports betting, it is important to keep increasing your knowledge.

  • As a punter who wants to succeed, you should keep learning and not get stuck at a point
  • It can take years to be able to make accurate predictions if you keep increasing your knowledge
  • You will be able to increase your betting bankroll only after you have gained some knowledge and confidence

4. Consider Betting on Both Sides

Cricket is an unpredictable sport. Instead of betting based on your own personal preferences, it is recommended to bet on both sides. This is especially recommended in the shorter versions of the sport.

In this sport, the momentum of a match can swing on a regular basis. You cannot be certain about the outcome of a match even if one side is much stronger. When you bet on both sides, you are also bale to take advantage of the higher odds on the weaker side. If they win, your profits can be significant.

5. Be Careful When Buying Runs

When you are betting on over/under or other similar markets, it can be easy to buy runs. This is usually going to be the case when you bet on a team you like. The higher odds associated can also help you win big.

  • Betting on ‘overs’ is much more popular
  • The markets are forced to be high to help the bookies balance their books
  • When you bet on ‘under’, you have higher chances of getting better odds

When you bet on the runs, make sure to consider other factors especially the weather.

So make sure to follow these tips when betting on cricket. At 1xBet, you can find all the betting tips to win on cricket and in other sports.