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5 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Business Should Follow

When it is the business we talk about, we know every businessman works hard to get on top. We know the businessmen try to work hard with their marketing and product strategies to make sure that their products stay on top. Every business today tries to follow the latest trends and changes while marketing its products.

Trends change all the time, a decade ago the trends that were used for marketing a business are not used today with that effectiveness; technology has changed things today.So, if a business wants to be successful, it should follow the latest marketing trends. Here is a detail of the marketing trends of 2016 which every business should follow. These trends will impact the marketing opportunity of any business.

  1. Business Chat Apps

This year people will see an increase in the apps which allow chatting not for fun or connecting with friends, but the business apps which are meant to connect the customers with the company. A simple messaging app can now turn into an e-commerce and a marketing platform. With these apps, the users are able to contact with the brands, they will be able to make requests, they will request services, and using these apps they can buy products and services. The businesses will use these apps to tell the customers about new services and products. As many businesses are taking part in technology and creating their chat apps and a few are integrating with apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, it will help the business in creating more opportunities for marketing.

  1. Mobile advertising will be different than online ads

With the introduction of the internet many businesses created ads for the web or pop-ups for marketing. These are the ads which are meant only for the web pages. We all know how it works, but the trends are changing. The businesses are creating applications along with the website for web presence and marketing. This also allows the business to create ads specifically designed to open in other apps instead of web pages. You already see a few ads which are displayed while you are playing Candy Crush, the number of such ads will definitely go up this year. The mobile app advertising will increase and a few say it will replace the traditional ad displaying strategies. The companies are already trying new ways of marketing via mobile phones.

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  1. Mobile Location Marketing

The technology has advanced a lot. The location-based marketing is not an unearthly thing. It is a strategy where the businesses market the products based on the location and the habits of the people in that geographical location and supply the products or services according to the demands of that area. It is basically micro-targeting, where the company introduces offers related to that particular area. All this is possible with the help of user interaction. According to Google, the companies are acquiring a beacon technology which will allow them to market their products based on customer location. This trend will definitely see an increase by the end of 2016.

  1. Increase in the business apps

Already there are millions of apps which are related to businesses through which they market their products and generate revenue. This trend has led Google to include app search in their algorithms. It means that not only the websites but also the apps are getting listed on the SERP. This year, you can expect the businesses to develop and launch more apps, not just for marketing but also many other purposes such as providing customer related services, chat services, drive engagement, etc.

  1. 100% increase in mobile video advertising

Already we have seen that mobile traffic is enormous. Mobile videos have been viewed more than 8 million times every day. This trend is increasing; many companies like Apple and Samsung etc. are now focusing on producing videos which are Smartphone friendly. Google also has plans to introduce mobile video ads in its search results. The businesses and companies are creating more and more mobile specific videos, which are of normal resolution and under 20 seconds in length.


Trends change all the time, a decade ago the trends that were used for marketing a business are not being used today with that effectiveness, technology has changed things today. As proven and successful means of marketing, it is must for any business organization to adopt any of above mentioned trends for successful mobile marketing.