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5 Important tips to remember while building a Gaming PC



If you are serious about gaming, which most gamers are, you need a PC that will support your passion. There are a few ways to achieve this. If you have buckets of money, you can go and buy the top of the range gaming PC. It will be all ready to go and work for your purposes. However, buying something off the shelf will never come close to building a rig yourself. Something that is specially put together for your requirements will always be better.

It is not as difficult as you might think and the end result is a custom made gaming PC perfect for your needs.

There are, however, a few tips you need to make sure of. Here are the 5 most important tips to remember while building a Gaming PC.

1. Understand your requirements

No two gamers are the same. This is one of the main reasons it pays to build your own PC. Before setting out, buying parts and spending money, understand exactly what you need. Most parts you can upgrade but you don’t want to waste money on parts or specs you do not need but you also do not want to invest in something that will disappoint you.

Graphics quality ranges from Low, Medium, High to Ultra. A budget PC will not cope with much more than low graphics quality. This will seriously limit your choice of games. You might not necessarily need ultra, so if you don’t, spending that extra will just be a waste of money.

2. Start with the Motherboard

The motherboard is the foundation on which you build your gaming PC. It will give you the freedom to expand or limit and frustrate you. Always invest in a great motherboard.

The socket type is an essential element. This will affect the CPU that you can use, the main microprocessor of the PC. An older socket type will limit you and prevent you from upgrading when necessary.

There are numerous options and, as always, the better ones will cost a bit more. Bear in mind that if you want to or need to upgrade, an older motherboard will end up costing more.

3. Getting the right CPU

The next step is to get a CPU that is fast enough to cope with the requirements of games you intend to play now and in the near future. A slow CPU will cause frustration and a poor gaming experience.

CPUs range from average to supersonic. Select the right one for your gaming requirements. Again, look not only at the games you are playing today but consider the next few months or the year ahead.

A fast, quality CPU is a worthwhile investment if you want a great gaming experience.

4. You want fast RAM

The next major aspect that will determine the quality of your gaming experience is RAM. Insufficient RAM is one of the biggest gaming killers. It is essential to get and receive instructions from the CPU. Poor RAM will slow the entire process down, ruining the experience.

The type, quality,and speed of RAM will largely depend on your motherboard, hence why point 2 is so important.

While a short while ago you could get away with 8 GB of RAM, 16 GB is now the gaming minimum in many cases. Do not compromise on RAM. Ideally, you want to aim for 64 GB DDR4 RAM for the best gaming experience.

If you are unsure of the best option for hardware, check out sites like GamingScan. They offer excellent advice, reviews,and recommendations.

5. Graphics Processing Unit or GPU

For speed and detail in your gaming, you need a decent GPU. Modern games are graphics intensive and for that reason require a fast GPU. Getting one that is not fast enough will slow the game down and give you a poor experience.

It pays to do your homework when selecting a GPU and invest in the best one your budget will allow for. Nvidia and AMD are the two leading choices.

Other important components

There are many other elements essential to a good gaming PC. Storage is obviously one of them. Here you have an option between a conventional hard drive or an SSD. Many gamers go for a combination of the two. Next, it is important to get a quality power supply. There is no point in getting decent components and then trying to save a few dollars on the power supply. It will just end in disaster.

It is also critical to have sufficient cooling to deal with the heat generated. Depending on how hard you are going to push the PC, you need cooling that is up to the job.  Select the case wisely to ensure it will accommodate the components you want now as well as allowing room for expansion at a later stage. Lastly, you will want a top quality monitor otherwise you will not enjoy the full benefit of the various components.

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