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5 Hacks to Make the Most out of Google Drive

Google Drive is certainly up there with the best free online file management in the market. It is not only a file collaboration service; it is also an excellent cloud file storage service. The beauty is that it has many features that can increase productivity and generally make your life a lot easier. This article covers some easy hacks that will help you make the most of your Google drive:

Save time with professional templates

Save time with professional templates
Professional Templates

So, you probably find yourself working on the same type of content over and over again. When you get to work, you always open a brand-new document and do a ritual-like routine to create your content. Google Drive offers to slash that time by a fraction by letting you build templates where you can load your own business or personal documents. This ensures that you can easily access the documents that you use regularly without having to recreate them every other time. In addition to that, there are files with pre-designed formats that can be used with apps like Docs, Spreadsheets, or Presentation. Do you have a project that you have no idea how to begin? Google Drive’s templates can come to the rescue! 

Have more specific searches

Have more specific searches

It is easy to locate files on your Drive when there are only a few files to go through. But, as time goes by, you store more files in Google Drive. It becomes increasingly challenging trying to find folders or files. Google Drive’s search function makes the process less tedious. The basic search will allow you to find specific words in files. Also, you can narrow down your search by choosing the file type. You can always get the most out of Google Drive searches and locate the files quicker using the “More search tools.”

Get more organized with folders

You can choose to throw your files and let them sit anywhere inside Google Drive. Or, you could choose to do better! Google Drive allows for a more organized workplace with the option to store files in clearly labeled folders. You can also learn the ways to remove duplicate files so that your drive does not get messy. Rather than leave your files all over Google Drive, put them in folders to have a more decluttered space.

Stay updated

Stay updated with google drive

Google drive ensures that you stay in the loop when you turn on notifications.  If you need to know when someone adds a new file or leaves a comment for you; all you need to do is just turn on the push notifications. This way, you will never miss anything important. The notification options available on Drive are Slack notifications, Email, and Browser push notifications.

Use Google Translate

Have you ever needed to translate a document from one language to another? Google Drive makes it much easier. You can use the Google Translate feature built right into it. You just need to open the doc and click on “Tools” then select “Translate Document.” Choose the language you want to translate to and- Boom! You have a Machine Translated version of the document.

Final Remarks

These are just but a few easy tips will help you make the most of your Google Drive for optimal productivity. There are many more simple and advanced hacks you can explore to make your life easier!