5 Great Things about JPEG to Word Conversion Software


One would often daydream of a software that would enable one to edit text in a picture, especially after one had erroneously spelled an incorrect word on a social media meme or infographic. However, the dream is now a reality with the JPEG to Word Converter. So to top the list of 5 great things about the JPEG to Word Converter is the main capability of the software.

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JPEG to Word Converter is available for download on Softonic website at http://jpeg-to-word-converter.en.softonic.com or from company website at http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/img2ocr/category/jpeg_to_word.htm


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  1. You can finally edit text on pictures. Yes, it is now a reality for graphic designers, social media users, students and other individuals to edit or copy texts on pictures which can be altered easily by way of converting it to a Word document. The JPEG to Word Converter can astonishingly with the advancement of technology read texts on pictures in just one click. This is especially amazing for persons who take photographs of written documents and want to edit the documents or copy and paste the words from the written document. Students can now easily copy and paste quotes from authors using accurate citation from a pdf scanned document. The end user can easily complete this process. It is as simple as opening the software, click open file, then select the file to be converted then click convert files and finally save the file.

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  1. Text recognition in more than 40 languages. To top it off not only can this fancy technology read the text on pictures, it can also do so in over 40 languages. This is effective as texts on pictures can now be easily translated after they have been converted to texts by the software. This means images and pdf scanned documents can be converted to over 40 languages. This is rather beneficial to students and teachers, especially persons who are studying foreign languages. This astounding feature of the technology is effective in eliminating language as a barrier to communication in our new digital visual world.

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  1. The form and design of the picture are maintained. One would imagine such a technology backdrop would be malformation when the picture is converted to Word. However, surprisingly and to the advantage of designers and regular users this is not the case. The beautiful design and format of one’s picture remains the same after conversion to a word document which is amazing. What is even more awesome is that conversion is also available for multi-page documents in PDF, GIF, TIF, ICO and other forms. This means business and legal documents in pdf or images taken with cameras with tabular data, icons and design layouts will all maintain the format when converted to the word documents. This makes the JPEG to Word Converter score very highly when it comes to end user friendliness and effectiveness.


  1. Automatically corrects orientation, rotation, skew and tilt. This is the technology our hearts have been desiring for so long which is very sensitive to end user needs. It is as if the software is reading your mind and doing exactly what you want it to do automatically. Often times one becomes frustrated when one has lots of documents to scan and the documents are not always perfectly scanned or pictures taken with phones are not taken perfectly. This device is responding to the human shortcoming of imperfection automatically. This feature of the software is a feature that causes the user to marvel at the wonderful workings of technology.
  1. Secured. The obvious conflict that comes into play when pictures are so easily editable is how do you continue to protect your trademark? Remarkably, the software does protect your watermark by way of providing security passwords which prevent other persons from viewing, copying or editing one’s documents. It is awesome that the creators of the software seem to think about the downsides of the product and have effectively designed the product to overcome the downside. It shows the detailed thinking of user experience which is what makes the JPEG to Word Converter a cut above the rest.

Therefore, with all the advantages of the JPEG to Word Converter, the designers even went as far as thinking about combating the problems that would arise from the downsides of such a software. This shows careful thought was put into the creation of this superb software that perfectly fulfill end user needs.

A video tutorial is available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrc_GtgSdFo