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5 Great Things About Beaver Builder Page Builder



Is your business style being too mainstream? Do you feel the need to bring it to the online platform? Well now that you are in this digital era, you do not need to panic to bring your business to the online limelight. All you need to do is build a Website. But how can you do this simply? With Beaver Builder of course. Popular pagebuilders such as Divi and Beaver Builder have become extremely effective these days – websites such as COLLECTIVERAY feature comparisons to help you choose the best option for your site. But before we do that – a bit more about your website.

Your website is the gateway to your business.  You just have seconds to captivate your viewers. So make your first impression last. Your website design should be concise, attractive and informative in order to pull traffic to your business. But worried about making a business website? Are you confused about hiring a designer or making it all by you? Obviously you can create your Website all by yourself! There are blogging platforms which gives you liberty to design the perfect customized website for your business. WordPress is the easiest place to get started! The user-friendly portal is a self hosted and open-source content management system that empowers its users to make dozens of customized websites for free. The Unique Selling Property of this software is:

  • Building audience– The WordPress software helps to bring in traffic to your website and hence build audience for your business. The social media syndication, SEO techniques and sharing tools help them pull those viewers to your website.
  • 24 hour round the clock service-The 24×7 round the clock service provided by the expert professionals through live chats and guided courses are unmatchable.
  • A secure place to build your website– The site is anti-spam protected and completely safe and secure site that you can count on.
  • Explore the features– The site is loaded with extra features such as email subscriptions, polls, forms, etc. which are free for their users.

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder started by a team of three friends from California. The mutual passion for technology brought the three friends together to build this innovative portal that helps open source software and contribute to WordPress by accomplishing WordPress’ mission to democratize publishing. The unparalleled efforts given by Beaver Builder to bridge the gap between the pages and the theme have been exceptionally good! No the users can build their own headers, footers, blog layouts and more with familiar builder interface.

Let’s explore the features of Beaver builder and learn the tools that it uses to bridge gap between your pages.

  • Theme templates- The preset customized themes provided by the beaver builder website help the users to create their customized website for business.
  • Theme parts- Theme parts allow its users to create partial layouts for your website, like the headers, footers and display them in a customized format.
  • Field connections- It helps to connect your website through your original content. It helps to relate your original content through the theme templates present in the site.
  • Post grids- The archive blog posts can now get a makeover by gaining control over the display of lists and posts.
  • Images- The client can now connect photo fields to their post’s featured image, product images, and a lot more.
  • Links- Beaver Builder allows its clients to connect link fields to URLs like the current post’s permalink or the main site URL.

With that let us brush up with the nitty gritty facts of Beaver Builder

  • Live, front end editing- The live and front-end editing facility allows its users to build their websites on their accord.
  • Mobile friendly –The portal is not only restricted to computer, rather it is mobile-friendly and can be accessed using any android app.
  • Translation ready- The beaver builder allows you to translate any language in your website. You can now work with any language because beaver page builder has given you the liberty to translate your text according to your need.
  • Works with almost every theme- The beaver page builder website has got a bag full of themes and surprises for its users! It can work with almost every kind of theme asked by their clients.
  • Developer friendly– The site is developer-friendly and allows the website developers to quickly access to every feature provided by the site.
  • Supports Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types- The user- friendly plug-ins support all your posts, pages and custom posts and helps bring out the best in your website.
  • Hand off Sites to Clients with Editor Mode– One of best feature of beaver builder is that it directly connects its clients with its trusted sites by which the clients can directly edit their websites as per their requirement.
  • Tuned & Optimized for SEO– The site is already tuned to optimization of your website. The SEO tool does its work of search engine optimization of the newly formed websites.
  • Reusable Templates– The templates you have already worked with can be reused for another website for your convenience.
  • Import/Export– The clients have the liberty to export and import templates, tools and pictures from other websites too.

The 5 Great Things About Beaver Builder Page Builder

Now coming to the unique features provided by beaver builder page builder that makes it exceptional in the world of website designing are as follows:

  • They provide the additional modules to their clients in the form of contact form, tabs, slider, map, blog posts, etc.
  • The expertise guidance and support from the world-class support team of Beaver Builder website is unmatchable with any other site. Expert support from our world-class support team
  • The customized and preset template layout options provided by the Beaver Builder team is exceptionally good and relevant to mostly all of their clients. Beautiful pre-made layout templates.
  • The clients have umpteen choices to save, export, reuse any of the features or modules or layouts.
  • The clients are given the liberty to choose and build their own custom modules.

Now that we know almost every detail of the Beaver Builder Page builder, let’s bring them in use by designing the perfect website for your business!

Happy Designing!

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