5 Free Most Addicting Games for Your iPad

A long time has elapsed since the release of iPads. From the very first day, tremendous developer support to iOS and their eagerness to provide something out of the league has made the iPad a far-flung device for addicts of music, videos and gaming.

Apple’s proprietary device, iPad is much liked by gaming enthusiasts the world over. If you are not from those, never mind! You will surely like to play some casual but most addicting games this day or another. Here is the list of 5 free most addicting games for your iPad to try for sure.

1.      Hundreds

Hundreds-most addicting games for your iPad


Image Credit: http: GaintBomb.com

If you are very much fond of puzzlers that twist every corner of your mind with a brain teaser, somewhat like mediating in the space, “Hundreds” is the one what you need.

All you have to do is to touch the circle to grow and make the sum inside so as to be “100”. This should be done without coming in contact of other circles also. This game is very elegant to play and surely relaxes your soul.

2.      Kingdom Rush Frontiers

 Kingdom Rush Frontiers - free most addicting games for your iPad

Image Credit: imore.com

Role-play-games are emerging as the topmost priority of gamers at present. The “Kingdom Rush Frontiers” helps them dwell completely into their iPads. Like its prequel, this game is also equally addicting with added control over the hero of this game. You are the one to decide defense strategies and customize all this with fantasy settings.

3.      Dizzypad HD

 Dizzypad HD - free most addicting games for your iPad

Image Credit: slideplay.com

Initially, DooleJump was admired because of its capability to engage the player with the game play for hours. In the same stream, you might find it equally interesting to see a frog leaping from a lily pad to the other and it is even more addicting because of the HD graphics. Thanks to the screen of iPads, it surely adds interest in such an awesome game.

4.      OceanHorn

 OceanHorn - Free Most Addicting Games for Your iPad

Image Credit: oceanhorn.blogspot.com

For those still waiting for arrival of Legend of Zelda: The Wind walker, you can get equally engaged with OceanHorn for a while. I bet you will never been able to curb your desire for taking another chance in the game.

OceanHorn is an adventure game which includes a hero, out for a reason related to his father’s death. The game offers beautiful graphics with soothing music.

5.      Dungeon Defenders: First Wave

For admirers of an RPG which is a perfect mix of action and tower defence, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is the game to try. The blend of action, adventure and strategy making in accordance to appealing character design is much to tell about this app. It almost includes crux of all RPGs with additional features like statistics, tons of items to choose from, building of character and more.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave - Free Most Addicting Games for Your iPad

Image Credit: engadget.com

End Note for Gamers:

The iPad is invariably a great tab with a marvelous display to make use of. The games mentioned above are all stupendously designed keeping in sight the compatibility with iPad. Thus, induce ever increasing fun and addiction to the players. Many of them can connect to your social profiles like FB or Twitter and provides liberty to share your scores with your friends.

If you know addicting apps as mentioned supra, feel free to add comment in the section below.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these addictive apps. I have already played Dizzypad HD and was very funny and addictive. Looking forward to download rest of the game and try on my iPad.

  3. Thanks Aktar. Hope you like the rest ones too.

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    Cool post 🙂

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