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5 Ergonomic Reasons Why our Gaming Chair Needs Footrest



When it comes to purchasing a gaming chair, an emphasis is put on you finding the most comfortable chair available. Comfort does not only come with a hydraulic pistol-enabled chair or a chair with the most padding. It is more about having a chair that gives your back and neck support to prevent long-term health issues such as damaging the spine or the torque. Most manufacturers are focusing on developing chairs that have an ergonomic design: which is a good thing as the back, neck, and arms continue being taken care of. The particular areas have been given so much attention over time such that the legs and feet have been forgotten. To achieve the utmost comfort and proper blood flow, it is vital to get a full ergonomic set, which includes a footrest.

Reasons why your gaming chair needs a footrest

  1. Comfort

Footrests are by far more comfortable than your floor or the carpet. To top it up, it boosts the blood flow and prevents you from ending up with swollen feet. The reason why it gives more comfort is that it is specially designed for that specific job: pampering your feet. If you do not want to interfere with your floor décor, you can also find a footrest that blends with what you have.

  1. They work for everyone

Footrests are not designed for persons with particular height. Regardless of whether you are short or tall, the footrest serves the same health benefits. A reduction of pressure in your feet will work miracles in reducing chances of clot formation due to deep vein thrombosis. Also, it will reduce stress on your lower back and varicose veins. Some chairs are designed such that they have a waterfall edge. A footrest may not be so necessary in that case, however, if your chair lacks it you have to get one. Footrests will help you ward off a significant amount of discomfort that comes with sitting long hours.

  1. They are great for short people

Having your legs hang all day may lead to swelling and varicose veins due to poor circulation of blood. The shorter folks may be disadvantaged as most chairs are designed for the average height. Whereas there are seats specially made for short gamers, they may not be so common: and those too need footrests. Having a footrest will ensure that you have that ergonomic comfort and support all through. Note that keeping your feet flat is right for your posture and general health. Achieving that for short people may prove to be challenging, but a footrest will go a long way in helping you keep your feet flat on a surface.

  1. Active Sitting

Also known as dynamic sitting, helps a great deal in improving muscle stimulation and spinal positioning. Why is active sitting encouraged? Well, it is for the sole reason that it prevents musculoskeletal injury and enhances concentration. The whole idea of active sitting is to promote movement during your gaming.

Footrests allow you to rock your legs, which equates to a movement which enhances your blood flow leaving you comfortable.

  1. Compatibility with adjustable desks

If you are gaming on a PC, chances are you are working with an office: probably an adjustable one. Adjustable desks allow you to switch positions while you are gaming from being seated to standing. It is crucial as it impacts physical health. The fact that you want to stand once in a while does not mean that footrests are not for you.

Especially if you are just getting started with adjustable desks, a footrest will give you a significant boost in your height and this way; it will make your physical health journey successful. Be your active health self in your gaming by sitting comfortably, stretching, fidgeting, leaning and standing.

It is time that gamers stopped stereotyping the footrests to only being useful at the barbers, salon and the living room. It is time that you purchased a footrest to complete your gaming ergonomic set. You will prevent long-term health repercussions, and you will note a change in the comfort you get in your gaming room, more so station. Visit for more information on how to gate the perfect footrests.

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