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5 Different Types of Web Hosting Services Explained



Technology is a need nowadays. There was a time when people used to handle their concerns manually but now with the help of modern day technology and gadgets work is done with more efficiency and consumes much less time. Before a decade technology was already introduced, but now it is far more effective. Phones were already developed, but now they are mostly known as smartphones. These phones are having thousands of features and function in them including communication. All the functions once supposed only for computers are now easily done upon a five to six-inch screen. In the past cell phones were only considered to communicate through radio waves.

Due to the evolution of technology in this modern generation, the work burden on the shoulders ofhumans has decreased exponentially. A significant achievement in the modernization of this era isthe server hosting.

In server hosting a person is connected to a server which can be of many types. Server hosting helps a person remain in link globally. A person can reach any website with the help of the World Wide Web. WWW is a protocol which is meant for every country and every site of the world. The link created with the help of WWW can be helpful to communicate or to visit any website to get some instructions.

With time the need for Web Hosting Service is increasing because many people prefer server hosting for their business or any marketing. The usage of web hosting services is regularly expanding. The increased need requires more web hosts to be introduced.  Web hosts may offer some good offers for the first timers to attract them. These offers can be fruitful at the initial phase. There are various types of web hosting services. Each web host can be a reasonable preference for one use but can be insufficient for another. There are five different types of web hosting.

1-    Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is the most common type of web hosting because it is very cheap to install and is affordable to main. This hosting service is not recommended to any at is it very slow and insecure.

2-    Cloud-based web hosting

In this web hosting service, more than hundreds of servers can work simultaneously to create one big server. The linking between individuals is very easy and occurs at a fast speed.

3-    Virtual Private Server

It acts as a shared web hosting service but is quick and much secure. In this hosting services like firewalls, antiviruses and passwords work correctly.

4-    Dedicated Web Server

This server is the best server to install. In this system, one server is dedicated to an individual so that speed and security can’t be compromised. A disadvantage containing dedicated servers is that they are expensive. But here is a weblink for a reliable as well as affordable dedicator hosting company.

5-    WordPress hosting

It is a sufficient and very secure hosting. WordPress hosting can be made better if a person allocates specific tasks to it. You can check Bluehost black friday deals for wordpress hosting.

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