Tiled - Best theme apps for Android

5 Best Free Theme Apps for Android Device

If you aren’t interested in rooting your android device as well as utilizing its open source nature to customize it your way, then android launchers with marvellous themes are your life saver. Android Launchers are the apps that change your device’s feel, look without interfering with in-built programmed features. Groundbreaking visuals and change in functionalities are the most adorable features of any launcher theme, if selected righteously keeping in mind your requirements and moods. You can transform the old bogus looks into glazy modern looks in a while with launchers offering best themes for Androids.

Apart from changing only looks, if you get revamped interface to alleviate your dependency on it sounds pretty. Many launchers can very well persuade this. Android is always applauded over iOS devices for its ease of customization. Here in this write up, you will find the launchers for android with greatest themes.

For customizing your Android device to suit with themes and tweak their setting in few taps, Themer is a must have tool. Download it, install and sign up! It’s all you have to do to enter into the world of amazing themes. There are lots of options you can browse through it.

Now, it is the time of introducing best theme apps for android that we tried and also recommend to our readers. Revamp your android interface wholly with your choice!

Best theme apps for Android



Beauty with best! This android theme has all that you adore. It presents adequately spaced tiles and the clock is set at background covering tile photos. Shortcut tiles to alarm, SMS, email, weather and dialer are present at the bottom. It is my personal best for getting refreshing look and outstanding usability.

Tiled - Best theme apps for Android

Image Source: 1 mycolorscreen.com

Just swipe at once and you are at the customizing screen with shortcuts to your daily feed reader, browser, music player, camera etc. Full screen tile can be surfaced with another swipe to get 3 more shortcut screens.



For iOS 7 aficionados, here is the dedicated theme for iOS. Give your android sparkling look of iOS 7 but at the inner core, it is still Android! The theme features include iPhonesque looks, orderly rows and thin text, widgets at full screen. People loving Android as core are welcome to try this theme out.

Seven - Best theme apps for Android

Image Source: 2 mycolorscreen.com

App shortcuts on the home screen with this theme are exactly same as that of Themer and you can customize them by favourite apps. Swipe left for contact lists and right for weather updates.



A soothing background and its minimal looks are really cool to get on mobile. It isn’t like other themes with hefty colors and vibrant looks. The screen backdrop shows alerts of missed calls, SMS, time, clock, email, status of battery and more. Many shortcuts can also be availed and customized.

Horizon - Best theme apps for Android

Image Source: 3 android.appstorm.net

When left swipe – full screen weather update and right swipe – app shortcuts, it is really cool to have this theme!

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HUD - Best theme apps for Android

Image Source: 4 mycolorscreen.com

Users looking for a high density user interface at their home screen can opt this theme.  Backgrounds alike a Sci-fi movie and unique theme features are a must to try out once. This theme has large circular widgets showing clock and battery status while small widgets for weather suits.



Lovers of Google Now can have same outlook throughout their devices through “Now” theme. Who theme is based in card wise organization, at the top is familiar Search Card, at center is the weather card, as well as an app card is at the bottom to garnish most used apps by the user. These app cards include (likely) music app, web browser, Contacts and dialer, Google Maps, Messaging, Email and much more. Most promising thing is the drawer button with full support.

Now - Best theme apps for Android

Image Source: phandroid.com

Most liked articles and news can be accessed by swiping left, a great way to read your fav-blogs on the device itself. Events & agenda lists and can be accessed through swiping right on the main screen. Music app card lets you control your music desires right from the main standby screen. No need to go wander here and there for music playback anymore. With Now, you get ample white space, along with letting you access Google Now card throughout your Android device.

Not only these themes won my heart while using them on my android, the others like Grey and Peach, Bookmarks and mountain minimal are also good to try once.

What are your favourite themes? Have I forgotten to mention yours in these 5 best Themer themes for Android devices? Comment in the section below and let others know what theme do you like the most!

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