4 Reasons To Buy Facebook Likes To Strengthen Your Online Presence

If you are seriously into internet marketing and plan to promote your business online, you must have considered optimizing your website for search engines. What is the best way to do so, to get your website rank on the top positions for the keywords you target? Is SEO enough to get you good business from the internet? Are you aware of all that is going on in the SEO and internet marketing world?

Let me explain the role of a social media platform like Facebook in making your website perform exactly how you want it to. Here are 4 reasons that will point out How and Why internet marketing requires a strong social presence for your website to succeed and how Facebook can support your SEO activities to get you more traffic from search engines at the end of the day!

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Social referrals versus search engine traffic

Social referrals often prove to be much more effective than search engine visibility. When your business is referred socially, your customers pay more attention to what the other members on a social media platform like Facebook has to say about your website. Facebook likes are like votes for your website, which in turn makes your website look for reliable and authentic as an option to try out.

The conversion rates have been seen to be much higher in case of genuine social referrals when compared to search engine traffic. This is the first reason why you may want to get hold of more likes for your website over Facebook.

The power of viral marketing

The more likes your Facebook page fetches, the more visibility you get on Facebook. A good visibility enables other members to check your profile more closely. If they like your profile, they will share your information with other Facebook members as well. This can spread the word about your business virally, over a huge consumer base.

Such viral marketing is not possible through pure search engine optimization, which again makes Facebook likes and referrals an important and powerful tool for your online promotions.

Algorithmic updates

Search engines like Google come up with algorithmic updates from time to time. While some people believe that this is done with the sole objective of discouraging SEO activities, it is not so. Search engines tend to present most relevant and unbiased data to users. They don’t want SEO businesses to influence their search results by conducting superfluous on-page and off-page activities, which again is mostly seen to be spammy.

The latest update by Google, the Penguin 2.0 update, targets at giving preferences to results that present a good level of social signals along with valid and authentic links. This again points at the importance of Facebook likes and interactions pointing at your online profile – yet another reason to consider getting more Facebook likes for your business!

Technical versus the mind game

Gone are the days when you could do a few technical changes to your website and a few other domains here and there and rank above your competitors over search engines. SEO tactics keep changing, making it difficult to come up with a fool proof solutions for your online marketing campaigns.

Experts suggest that a different ball game altogether – playing the mind game! Get people interested in your business socially by understanding their profiles, their needs and their interests. Facebook plays a very important role here. This is yet another reason why you should buy Facebook likes for your business, ensuring the likes come from authentic sources for the best results!

Matt is an internet marketing expert and a search algorithm enthusiast. Matt explains the role of Facebook in internet marketing and points out the value of Facebook likes and shares for your business’s online presence.

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