3 Ways To Outrank Your Competitors In Google

So you want to outrank your competitors in Google. That’s great, but as you probably already know, it’s not always easy.

First of all, you should note that there’s no secret formula you can apply overnight to rank higher than your competitors.

Nonetheless, there are a few strategies you can implement and increase your chances to outrank them.

To decide what website should rank higher, Google looks at two important factors. The first one is content and the second one is your website’s backlinks quality.

While you can easily manipulate your website’s content, backlinks involve third party websites linking to you, therefore the process to acquire quality links can be more challenging.

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In this post, I’ll show you three ways to outrank your competitors in Google and how you can steal their traffic.

Write better content

It’s impossible to rank high in Google, without quality and lengthy content. Most search engines give a lot of credit to websites that have detailed and useful guides.

A few years ago, there was a common misconception that 500 words long articles were enough to rank high in Google. Recent studies have showed that most of the websites that rank on the first page have articles that are longer than 2000 words.

The longer the content, the more keywords it will include and the higher the chances to rank high in Google.

With tools like SimilarWeb, you can find the most popular keywords of your competitors and get to know how much traffic they are driving.

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Do a quick analysis of your competitor’s content and determine which of their articles have the most engagement.

To have better content than your competition, you have to be one step ahead of them and always write better content.

If they wrote an article about “10 places to visit in Paris”, you can write a better guide “20 places to visit in Paris”. Get it? Push yourself a little harder, and the results will be very rewarding.

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Good and quality content can also attract natural backlinks and social media shares, which will result in higher traffic and better overall rankings.

Build quality backlinks

Having good content is not enough. You have to have quality and relevant websites linking to you in order to improve your domain authority and gain better rankings.

Websites with good content and quality backlinks will dominate the SERPs.

But how do you get backlinks?

There are numerous techniques and ways to find link building opportunities, but one of the smartest ways involves spying your competition.

Yes, just like a detective, you can spy your competitors and find untapped resources for your website. Imagine for a moment if you could replicate the most important backlinks of all your competitors.

The top results are guaranteed for you. Better content with the best backlinks of all your competitors equals success.

Monitor Backlinks is the right SEO tool to help you spy your competition and determine the value of their backlinks.

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competitors backlinks


You have to add your competitors and then you’ll get a detailed report with all their backlinks.

Use the metrics available to determine their value and only try to replicate the best ones.

If your competitors have a lot of spammy links, stay away from them, because they can get you into trouble.

To quickly analyze a backlink quality, have a look at the website Domain Authority and at how often they are updating their content.

Websites with a Domain Authority above 30 should be good, but always do a manual review and don’t rely just on some metrics.

Another important thing to consider is not to do link building only for SEO.

Backlinks can also drive traffic, so a backlink that is nofollow can sometimes be much more useful.

Write for your competition

In every niche, you’ll find that competitors are accepting guest contributors. Take advantage of this, and become a writer on their website.

However, don’t do it just for the sake of getting a link to your website, but more for interacting with their audience.

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If their readers will enjoy your article, naturally, they will come and visit your website as well.

The quality of your guest posts should be similar to your articles. After all, your reputation is at stake.

Final words

You can outrank your competitors and steal their traffic if you apply a smart strategy. Consider writing the best content possible in your niche and then replicate your competitor’s best backlinks.

To get even better results, try to become a guest contributor on their website, but don’t aggressively promote your site.

With patience and time, results will come, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Are you having troubles outranking your competitors? I would love to hear your comments.

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  2. Absolutely! If you want to get the most traffic as humanly possible from your search engine optimization efforts then you are going to have to outrank the people ahead of you and take on your competitors. It is important to do exactly what your competitors are doing but should do it in better way, be it writing content or link building.

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    This is excellent article, if you can get high DA or PA back-links for your post which you want to rank into google then you can easily out previous rank post from google.. inside this article you sharing some tool information which is awesome for back-link tracking. good article..

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  4. Great post I think that if we can focus on building great quality content also backup with regular quality backlinks then we can easily outrank out competitors, Keep up the good work

  5. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Rohit,

    Yes, absolutely agreed. Creating high quality content with a strategy to earn quality backlinks can go a long way in building a solid SEO strategy.
    Despite all the complications that seem to be developing around SEO, especially due to algorithm updates, the formula is still simple – quality content + quality/relevant backlinks.

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    Yes, it is essential to outrank your competition to be able to generate more traffic.
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    Welcome! And thanks for dropping by. Yes, these are time-tested SEO strategies and when implemented the right way, they can help boost your rankings like anything!

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  9. Monitoring backlinks of your competitor is the best way to get some awesome backlinks for your blog. Following the same form last few months. 🙂