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3 Simple Ways to Engage and Energize your Readers 



One of the most common problems that writers usually face is the problem of the text’s aridness. You do not feel any emotions while reading it. There is a feeling like this text was written by a robot without any shade of compassion or any other emotion. Such writing style isn’t popular among the readers and you should try to avoid that. Emotional writings that arose in you different emotions is what people are looking for. Let’s talk about some tips how to make writings more engaging and energizing. 

1. Personalize text

Have you ever noticed that some text sounds a bit cold? There is a feeling that an author doesn’t have personality and he is writing for some impersonal people. If you notice such problem, you need to make the text more personal. How to do that? Aloofness often appears when you start using impersonal words. Change them to personal pronouns. Instead of “our company brings apologies for.” you should write “we are sorry for/ I am sorry for”. The last variant would be more appreciated by the reader than the other one. The same especially concerns emotional topics. Writing about tragedies or great holidays, it is better for an author to provide a feeling of cohesion. That makes readers feel some compassion about their tragedy or it increases their joy in case of the holiday or feast. 

2. Engaging/questions 

A good text will never leave reader indifferent. Good writings often cause people to express their emotions. Have you ever felt frustrated, because of the death of your favorite character? Even if the character was the fiction, you would cry. A good writer creates an empathy between you and the hero of the book. This is a hard task and it demands a great skill of writing from you. Usually, there is no need for such great empathy, it would be enough for you to make readers feel someone’s support. 

Another great way to engaging questions. Most people appreciate when somebody asks for their opinions. Questions in the text provoke reader’s reflections. It is a common thing when a person becomes interested in the text after few good questions, which arouse hir or her curiosity. Sometimes questions can be very helpful in the ending of your writing, which is often called “an open ending”, though they are not always appropriate. 


3. Actions

Good texts can not only make you cry, but they also can motivate you to do some actions. Motivating other people demand some psychological knowledge from you to understand what drives people’s desires. If you understand something about it then we are facing the writing skill again. What does it mean? To motivate people you need not only understanding of their desires, but the ability to express yourself on the paper. Freelance writers India usually try to do that with short powerful sentences like “Do it!”, “Bookmark this blog post”, “Start the free course”, “Buy the product!” etc. For some situations, such loud sentences would be enough. 

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