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3 “Go-To” Summer Time Essentials



Summer time essentials

As temperatures rise and responsibilities fall away, summer gives way to feelings of renewal and refreshment. It’s a chance for us to tear off our winter coats and embrace the sunshine with a new style, new look, new us.

Fashion greatly enhances the way we feel about ourselves and our day. It gives us confidence and excitement, and a change of season is always a good time to spice things up. So, what should you look for to best enjoy your time in the sun?

  1. Bright, New Phone Case

By the time the heat has fully set in, your phone is probably donning its same case from last fall. No shame in that! But investing in a new one means a cleaner phone, showcasing a new part of your personality, and just changing things up a little. It can be draining to see the same images over and over again (Why else would we change our lock screens?), so consider going from a marble pattern to a floral, or a monochrome design to a striped one.

In fact, if you want an iPhone case to match with your best friend, partner, or even your kids, consider buying them together! Coordinating clothing and accessories is vastly underrated, especially because even when you are apart it will remind you of one another.

  1. Big Beach Bag

While the iconic beach bag is most associated with taking to the shores and sunbathing, it’s an accessory you can use anywhere at any time. A large straw shoulder bag is a statement for any outing you may find yourself in, often produced in a wide variety of colors and patterns for the broad demographic who both love and rock their own unique style.

Bags are an especially fun accessory to explore because they are constantly needed, so you get every opportunity to try something new!

Beach bags convey a sense of nonchalance that most people adopt in the summer time. Even if it is only holding your keys and wallet during a lunch with a friend, and you’re not actually on the beach, your over sized beach bag exudes a classy laid back air.

  1. Customized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an inherent must in most climates but in summer especially. As such a vital piece of head wear, it can be fun to personalize them to your liking: make them brighter or add some 3D features around the rim to really set a trend!

Whether with puffy paint, nail polish, rhinestones, fake flowers, or even embroidery floss, there are countless ways to decorate your sunglasses with hints of your unique style. You can most likely find these supplies at a craft store near you, and don’t hold back on your vision! Some people embroider the lenses of their sunglasses, others super glue various flowers around the rim, and there are numerous ways to go about painting them a different color.

Sunglasses are a key accessory to accentuate your face and hair in the summer, so don’t hesitate to take the endeavor of personalizing them seriously.

Finals Thoughts 

Summer is the ideal time to show off your stuff. Whether unveiling a new swimsuit or new confidence, there are plenty of ways to go about reinventing your aesthetic for the season to come. Dressing and accessorizing in a way that makes you feel more like you is a valuable and deserved approach to everyday life.

No matter how you decide to broach your style this summer, do it with an open mind and the knowledge that you are in full control of how you embrace the season.

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