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21 Stunning Examples of Businesses Using Instagram



Instagram as an important social network for business.

Instagram is a social network and an application that is fully focused on the photo content, but last year, users were given the opportunity to add short videos (up to 15 seconds) as well. As a tool for distributing brand information, this social network is becoming increasingly important for many types of business now.

In the last year, the global audience of Instagram has exceeded 400 million users and its number increases in geometric progression. This makes Instagram the fastest growing social platform among all the major social networks of the world level. Moreover, according to the analytical company Forrester Research, it also differs from the highest level of interaction with content from users. Instagram is very popular among students. If you need to write essays about networking click on this recource.

Why does business need Instagram?

One of the important benefits of Instagram is the ease of use. In order to start, it’s enough to install the application on a smartphone and spend a minute or two for registration. The presence of a mobile application makes contact with a potential audience much easier because it’s interacting without intermediaries in the form of search engines and other platforms.


We can answer the question about business using statistics. According to the Pew Research Center, 17% of the total number of users of social networks over the age of 18 check the account in Instagram every day. The core of the audience of this social network is young people aged from 18 to 29 years. This is about the generation of millennials, who often make purchasing decisions under the influence of social platforms. Women are dominated in the Instagram. Its users are actively using this network. 57% of owners check the account at least once a day, and 35% do it several times a day. There is even a modern proverb if you want to build a business, start a Facebook account, or an Instagram account.

21 amazing examples of business on Instagram.

It’s easy to guess what niche of business is the best for this promotion channel, based on the very concept of the social network and the peculiarities of its audience:

  1. First of all, these are the goods and services for which you can easily create a large number of high-quality photo-content. For example, such niches as cosmetics, designer accessories, tourism, home and interior goods, wedding business, online clothing stores, furniture, food delivery, etc.
  2. Promotion of different online stores.
  3. Baublebar. A company that sells various beautiful women’s accessories.
  4. Candy’s. Salon of evening dresses.
  5. Retro Ride. Scooter Tour Company.
  6. Starbucks Coffee. The world-renowned chain of coffee shops in the United States.
  7. Leading at weddings, corporate parties, and entertainment events.
  8. A brand of natural cosmetics. Bribes with the original design and natural ingredients.
  9. Spa-complex, which offers its services in the “luxury” and “premium” segment. They use their Instagram account more than an advertising platform.
  10. Shop for women’s clothing and accessories. Showroom of young designers for bright personalities.
  11. Shop of underwear for women.
  12. Showroom of clothing of world’s brands. Clothes, shoes, and accessories for every taste.
  13. The showroom, whose face is a young and bright girl named Christina. The page surprise with its fair prices and interesting styles. You can find everything, from t-shirts with ice cream to a classic evening dress.
  14. Yablokov started Instagram for selling used iPhones.
  15. Covering nails with gel-varnish is at the peak of their popularity. Quite a wise decision to promote this topic on Instagram.
  16. Shoes and handbags for affordable prices.
  17. Colorful, airy plasticine and lizune, as well as “smart” plasticine, which is attracted to the magnet.
  18. Original items of interior and utensils. Everything you need for a gift.
  19. Luxury clothing store.
  20. Slippers and clothing of large mating.
  21. Food will never disappear from the pages of Instagram.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and the most import, to practice, taking examples and ideas from your favorite accounts. Try combining photo content in several styles, changing colors and accents. Over time, you will necessarily create your individual account with unique, beautiful photos for the inspiration to others.

The main point, from what you need to push, is margin and average check. If they are at a good level, you can safely invest in Instagram, as a promising direction for business development.

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