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2 Ways to Recover Deleted Data From iPhone



Every Apple iPhone user is aware of the recent update that was released for iPhone 6 and the iOS 8. It was a moment of happiness for everyone as they could update their iPhones to the latest OS. Better experience and performing abilities were in store for the Apple users. But that one obviously didn’t come out as planned and the reason behind that was the bugs in the new OS of Apple. As a result, there were many complaints about data loss and other problems.

Losing Data On Your iPhone, What should I do?

Among different complaints regarding the Apply iPhone, data loss is certainly one of the most common ones. All of that due to the update of the phone. Well, losing your data can be a bit difficult to handle, to be honest. Precious pictures, business contacts, lost files are the main issues after the upgrade.

There can be many reasons for losing the data on your phone. System upgrade, accidental deletes, and water damage can be the reasons you lose the data. If the file gets deleted or the memory of your iPhone is formatted, you can restore it from the backup. Data recovery is an option to use for sure.

However, a backup for the iCloud and iTunes can be a solution to data recovery. This can be a great way to solve your problem. But then, most people don’t have the backup done and the results are disastrous. So what is the solution to data loss and recovering it?

How To Recover The Data From Your iPhone

You must all be quite excited to know how to restore lost data on iPhone. Luckily, there are many effective and reliable ways to do that for an efficient restoration of the data. Say goodbye to all the worries as you can easily retrieve the files that you have lost with the help of these methods.

Method 1 : Using iCloud To Recover The Data

Apart from the above-mentioned method to restore lost data on iPhone, this one is also great for use. Although, it is an optional one. iCloud is a revolutionary system that automatically backups some of the files. For important data, this method is well worth a try.

Step 1: Launching The Data Recovery App On iPhone

After the downloading and installation of the program is complete, you can begin the procedure of data recovery. You have to select the iCloud recover option to start the recovery process in that case. For that, you will be needing the ID and Password of your Apple account.

Step 2: Select The Backup File To Download

Once you are logged in, you will be provided with a certain list containing backup files. This list comes from the iCloud section in your Apple account. You will be provided all information about the date of the backup and other stuff as well. All you have to do is select an option and download the same to the computer.

Step 3: Previewing And Recovering

The downloaded file is scanned by the program. You have to list the files that you want on the window. Preview the items and make the selection. After selecting, all you have to do is select ‘Recover’ to restore lost data on iPhone.

Method 2: Using iPhone Recovery App And Directly Restore



Step 1: Downloading And Installing The program

The links for downloading the program will be available to you, or you can get it from the official website. All you have to do is install the particular program after downloading it. Run the iPhone recovery app to see the main interface.

Step 2: Selecting The Recovery Mode

Choose the recovery mode iOS from the 3 options namely, iTunes, iCloud or iOS. You will find that in the navigation section. What it does is, it scans the hard disk of your iPhone and gets the info about lost files and data.

Step 3: Scanning The Device and recover them

Your device will be automatically scanned by the program after you select a mode. This can take a while. After the completion of the scan, you can preview the files that are retrieved. However, this method only recovers the selected specific files. You have to click on the button that says ‘recover’ to start. Your data will be successfully retrieved after that.


These above-mentioned methods are tested and verified to be the best methods to restore lost data on iPhone That too, without any backup. You are given a better and a flexible method to recover the files that you desire.

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