12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free

12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free

Haven’t you joined Instagram?

Aren’t you eager to know why this simple photo sharing network has filled up with more than 150 million users in just few years.

Do you want one of your picture to be shared by millions of people?

Then it is not too late. Just join instagram instantly. But what you need to  after joining Instagram?

You have to gain more followers of Instagram. If you have no followers, then who will share and like your exciting pictures.

What are the ways to get more followers on Instagram? Acquiring followers in IG is not so hard.

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It just needs some time and little more effort. If you do in a proper sense, then you can easily gain increased number of followers and enjoy in this awesome social media network.

Here are the 12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free.

12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free

1. Share pictures that connects and relate people

If notice popular accounts of Instagram keenly, you can easily find the similarity among them. All of their pictures are connected and related with each other as being unique, original and personal. Establish a connection and attract people by posting such images .

2. Post at precise Timings

Before posting pictures, analyze what time zone the mainstream audience lives in and at what timings they do check their account. With reference to mobility , it is found that Instagram users will be engaged highly on Wednesday and Thursday between Evening 5 to 6. Also, some users prefer to check their IG accounts before the time to work and in the time after the work.

3. Use Relevant and Popular Hashtags

Just make a search over webstagram or famous Google to find out Hashtags to organize your picture collection.  To gain more visibility, use trendy Hahtags that are relevant to your industry. Try to post your picture with maximum of 3 Hashtags. Some popular tags are: #love, #cute, #fun, #happy, #picoftheday.

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4. Follow Others

If you want to have followers, you need to follow them first. This is just a reciprocation process in all social media platforms.

Be active in searching brands and users and comment, likes and share on their pictures as well.  The more you engage, the more the exposure received is.

5. Contests Hosting

This is the effective way to boost engagement and also a obvious means to gain new followers. IG is almost favourite platform for everyone to host a contest.

Take a amazing pictures and add captions with necessary Hashtags.

Also share your contest in other social media networks.

6. Complete Bio

Bio should feature weblinks, hashtags, call-to-action and other functionalities as they are big deal in IG.

Many new followers can identify your account here soon. Also keep this section updated.

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7. Question in Picture captions

Ask a question in the caption of the picture. This is a simple and an effective way to receive more likes and comments on photos.

Engagement is the best way to get more followers on Instagram for free.

8. Have a Call-To=Action

Always remember why you are on Instagram. Why you need more like, comments and followers?

Do you use this image sharing network to promote your business?

Answers to all these question helps to get more followers on IG.

Have you ever checked Instagram like bot?

9. Frequent Posts

Posting attractive and relevant content in a regular basis is important to keep you customers engaged.

10. Use of IG Apps and Filters

People can personalize their images with filters. IG includes more than 20 filters in its app. Before sharing your pictures, make use to these filter to make the pictures more eye-catchy.

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11. Discover Suggested users

With  IG’s suggested user settings, you can find people with same interest and get them as followers on Instagram for free.

12. Usage of Instagram Video

This is the latest technique to engage with the people and to promote your business. Tell a story about your product and improve your value.