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12 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Search Traffic in 2020



12 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Search Traffic in 2019

Do you always wonder as to what may be the reason behind the success stories of online businesses? Opting for SEO services in India undoubtedly stands as one of the reasons, but apart from this, there is another factor known as content marketing that can change the picture when done right. Appearing on the top pages of the search engine is every business dream, and thus there is a need for investing in the content marketing strategy to get you at a place that has a lot to do with your success. So here are a few tips to boost traffic to your website:

Have a plan

Every campaign needs to have a well-executed plan for attaining success. Content marketing is not just blogging though it may be the very first thing that may creep up in your mind. Content marketing plan is far beyond the blogging aspect. There are a lot of other factors that need to be taken care apart from seeking SEO services in India to have a well-executed plan that will work wonders.

Get more landing pages

One can expect triple traffic when you add more and more landing pages to your website. Landing pages with the apt keywords can help in boosting up the traffic to your page. After conducting thorough keyword research, one can consider creating landing pages for their potential clients. But while implementing this, you need to take care that the pages are SEO optimised or you’ll end up earning poor rankings.

The need for evergreen content

The primary step is to decide the type of content that you will be publishing on your website. Evergreen content is considered to be the top preference for generating traffic. It can bring you success in the long run and also hikes the organic traffic to your page. Evergreen contents are characterised by being original and unique and stands to be useful for the audience. Your content should be such that it is relevant and is optimised according to the SEO rules. Also, the content should not be too short, instead, should be informative enough to serve your targeted audience with what they want. Evergreen contents can mark your online presence and in turn earn you better rankings.

Serving audience with what they need

Helping your audience with what they actually require can lead you to the first pages of the search engine. Writing contents that can adhere to the visitor’s query and are relevant enough to give them solutions for their quest are more prone to get higher rankings by Google. Don’t merely hit around the bushes and bury the real information in the depth of your content. Also, do not implement much of navigation one page after the other to make things dicey. Make it clearly visible so that the visitors can spot it with ease and opt to read your material.

Give space to facts

Being updated with the current trends is a necessity, and thus you need to focus on the present facts and figure to include them in your content. You can also consider brainstorming, testing and observations to build your own stats to apply it to your content.  

Catchy headlines

Headlines can be thought of as the face of the body, and thus needs to be powerful enough to drive in more traffic and click through rates. Headlines that have killer adjectives can let the visitors develop an interest to read your content and can attract them to hit your page. Headlines which can cure the inquisitiveness of the curious minds are more likely to gain popularity and shares which can slide them to the topmost pages of the search engine. So transform your content with some splendid killer headlines and get ready to witness a massive number of audience being attracted to your website.


Exceptional and unique contents inevitably find a top spot in the search engines. For this you can seek assistance from the pros who offer SEO services in India. But apart from maintaining the uniqueness, you also need to maintain consistency in publishing the content. Broken records are not good, thus ensure you maintain quality and routine for a better SEO ranking.

Link ups

Backlinks also play a significant role in taking your content to the dominant position. Backlinks can hike the legitimacy of your website. Backlinks are supposed to be like helping sisters that can help you out in your journey to the top pages. But ensure that you only include those backlinks that lead the visitors to high authority pages.


Never overlook the readability aspect of your content. Your piece of writing should be incredible and readable at the same time. Some people think that using high-level vocabs can make the content engaging, but this will only let the reader open their dictionary again and again. So ditch this practice and make your content crafted in such a way that every single word can engage them enough to stay on your page.

Page load speed

Page loading time stands to be very crucial for your websites. In today’s world, everyone is always in a rush. Nobody has the patience to see the buffering symbol turn round and round in front of their eyes. It seems like waiting for ages; thus the loading speed of your content should be as quick as a wink. If you do not find out ways to implement the same, you are sure to make your visitors unhappy, leading them to part ways with your website.

Inclusion of visual assets

Long content does help in the ranking aspect, but visual assets may help you more. By saying visual assets, we do not just mean the images that you can download from Google but also infographics, diagrams and stat charts that can support your content. Merely a wall of text can stand to be boring and tedious to read, graphs and images can enhance the worth of your content.

Get the right keywords

Keywords form an integral part of your content. Thus it should be well researched and inserted in your content. The amalgamation of Inclusion of target keywords for the target audience should be done right so that it can satisfy the visitor’s search intent.

The Bottom Line

So these were a few strategies that you can implement for your content to let your website attain higher rankings. Getting your content SEO optimised may be a hard nutshell to crack and maybe no less than a complicated mathematical equation. But making use of these tactics and strategies can surely help you out to give you a lift to boost your ranking in the search engines. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with a company that offers SEO services in India and let them shoulder your boulders of taking your content to the top search pages.

Ravi Sharma, CEO of Webomaze is a highly enthusiastic entrepreneur. His love for making every business reach the greatest heights in their industry made him establish his digital marketing company delivering the best services for local SEO. He has got a great grip on the idea of effective SEO processes and tactics which are vital for virtual exposure. He is a fun-loving person and a keen traveler who always hunts to find adventure in new places.

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