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10 Youtube marketing tips to Rank your videos



YouTube is an American video sharing website which was created in February 2005 by three PayPal employees and was bought by Google in November 2206. YouTube allows its users to view, upload, rate, share, and comment on videos and generates money from Google AdSense. YouTube is a business platform where money can be made by videos. To earn more views on every videos every YouTuber tries to rank their videos on the front page. Every YouTuber use different strategies to rank their videos and optimize their videos. But when it comes to the new comers who don’t know the marketing strategies, this is the perfect place for them. In this article, you will know 10 Youtube marketing tips to Rank your videos.

  1. Make appropriate Title – The most important thing while uploading the video should be kept in mind that the title of the video should have following features
    1. Title should be short.
    2. Title should have right keywords.
    3. Title should describe the video in small.
    4. Title should be interesting enough to gain the attention of viewers.

It hardly matters how good the video is, until and unless people will not click on it, so it is important to choose the right title.

  1. Make the video short – No one likes a lengthy content, and people pay their least attention to lengthy things. Same goes on YouTube, if your video is too long the viewers will once hesitate to click on the video. Keep the video short and simple which covers everything that you wanted to show the viewers. The golden rule for marketing a video on YouTube is to keep the video three to four minutes long.
  2. Your video should be educational – One of the video marketing tips includes to make the video educational as your customers are looking for a problem over YouTube which has to be solved by your video. Your video will provide them the solution of their problems and hence attract them in future.
  3. Quality – No matter how much viewers you are getting on your channel, do not forget to compromise with the quality of video as people do not like videos with poorly crafted videos. You can download any video editing software free and create stunning videos by yourself.
  4. Write an accurate description – The description of the video should be an accurate one and it should cover every basic information your video is providing. The description box is a perfect place to use main keywords that will help the video to rank. The description box should also include the link of other videos as well as your social media sites.
  5. Create an eye-catching YouTube Thumbnails – People usually click on attractive and eye-catching thumbnail as thumbnails makes the channel unique and more recognizable. The thumbnail should be accurate enough to represent the content of the video. The thumbnails should be of ideally high quality as people won’t click on the video if the thumbnail will be of poor quality.
  1. Include Calls-to-Actions – The another video marketing is Call-to-actions which help will help you in engaging the viewers on your video. When you will do that people will more likely to respond on your channel. You can call-to-action to like your video, or to like or subscribe.
  2. Optimize your channel – Your channel needs a proper optimization of channel with time to time, this will encourage the viewers to visit your channel. You must carefully choose colors, profile pic and content of description box.
  3. Share video as much as you can – Once the video is made, it has to be shared on the social media. This tactic will help in gathering the audience from various sources. Social media will help in marketing of your video.
  4. Work with other YouTuber – When your YouTube channel will be booming, you can also work in collaboration with other YouTubers which will help you in mutual growth of channels. These days collaborative videos are quite famous and are very much promoted by people.

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