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10 Simple Steps to Increase Website Traffic with Social Networking

Social media is a powerful tool that should never be underestimated. I’ve seen it create far reaching impact on the success of a website. In essence social networking is all about reaching out to your target audience, get their attention, retain it, and convert it into sales. Designing your website and optimizing it for search engines is not complete without factoring in the social networking. With the restrictions brought about by Google algorithms, I’ve found that social networking is the best way to drive traffic to a website.

Sharing, tweeting, and posting likes have become a common way for people to show their preferences. By exploiting this trend, you can increase your website traffic tremendously. Here are 10 simple ways by which you can increase traffic to your website using social networking.


1.   Become part of all the social networks:

It is not enough if you have an account in all the social networks on the web; you need to add friends, remain active on the social networks. I’ve found interaction the best way to get across your message and drive traffic to your site. Posting comments, sharing links and any information related to your website will increase visibility and make your followers and friends list grow.


Social Network

Add your website url on all your social network accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr and Twitter and Google+. Spend some time building relationships on the various networks. Though this may seem time consuming, in my experience this is the best way to increase traffic to your site.

2.   Get the best of both worlds:

One of the big hurdles you face in social networking is the dearth of fresh content. I’ve a perfect solution for this. By starting a blog, you can maintain your website and also increase your social media presence. For instance, if you’ve created a video for brand awareness, you can embed it in the blog. Similarly you can use Slideshare and other such media tools. By directing social messages to the fresh content in your website, you can boost traffic easily. Don’t forget to update your blog frequently.


3.   Images:

It is an established fact that images speak better than words. I’d suggest uploading attractive images on sites like photo bucket and Flickr. It is not sufficient, if you just post the images. Tag them with the right keywords, so they get you higher rankings in the search engines. And don’t forget to link them back to your site, which is the key to generate traffic.

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4.    Videos rock:

Videos form the crux of social networking now. What you intend to explain in a whole page can be more candidly expressed in a few seconds with video. Make sure your video is short, professional, and informative. Entertaining videos attract more traffic. I’d suggest submitting the video to as many video sharing sites as possible, instead of just YouTube.


video submission

5.    Press releases:

To boost exposure and increase traffic to your blog, press release is a good tool. I’d recommend creating different press releases on your product with optimized keywords in them. This will get you backlinks and boost traffic and page rankings greatly.

6.    Advertisements hike your popularity rating:

Advertisement on social media is another smart way to get the traffic to your site. Whether you are using Facebook ads, promoted Tweets or ads on LinkedIn or any other site, I’d suggest linking back to your landing page for a better lead generation and increased sales.

7.    Tracking increases effectiveness:

So, you’ve started actively networking on all the social media. How do you know which is working best for you? I’d suggest using tracking software to identify the platforms that are most responsive and then focusing on them more. You can use any of the numerous analytic tools present online. By eliminating the unwanted and wasted efforts, you can concentrate better on the campaigns that work and get traffic to your blog.


8.    Get help to promote:

You can ask others to help in promoting your blog on the various bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon or DIGG. Though you can do it on your own, I’d recommend being cautious on not doing the promotion repeatedly as you may attract penalties for multiple submissions by some sites.

9.    Add social sharing tools:

There are tools like AddThis, which I’ve found, lets you to blend all the sharing options into one single tool through which you can have access to Twitter, email, Facebook, and the social bookmarking sites.


social sharing tools


10.    Compelling content:

Your headlines should grab viewers’ attention and make them share it with others. Even if your content is well written, if it does not have a powerful title it will go unnoticed.


End Words:-

There are various other simple ways by which you can boost traffic to your site and get your business to the next level. Making your online venture a successful one depends on how you use your marketing tools. In my experience social networking is one amazing tool that gives you advertising option which is free and at the same time the most effective one too.

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  1. It was awesome article..Get to know on how to increase traffic to your site via social networking..

  2. Good Tips Nisha. Traffic is the need of every webmaster and anything which is related to boosting traffic interests me a lot.

    Social media is indeed the best free resource for grabbing a lot of traffic.

  3. Hey Nisha,

    One of the concern of bloggers is to drive traffic to their blog.

    As it always recommended that people should use social networking platforms because they have potential to spread a blog post to a wide area.
    Now a days Twitter, Facebook and G+ have their great influence in the social.

    Having a content which can help others is necessary to have some loyal readers.
    Be the one to provide unique content so that Google will love it and readers too.

    Such a wonderful post.:)

    Enjoy this week.:)


  4. Hi Nisha Pandey,

    According to the analysis, it is found that our brain receives about 90% of information visually and as of now, the marketing process has turned viral which ultimately led to likely like a war (to be really frank).

    Before we go straight to the point that conclude to increasing website traffic, it’s really crucial for the blog author to lay down foundation of great articles as through it content marketing get easier.

    For instance, if you write down 1000 article and each of the article get at-least 1 visitor daily (just a vivid thought), then you’d succeed getting a flow of 1000 visitors on daily basis that are targeted not just strayed audiences who land to page and never come again.

    Apart content, it’s really important for the blog owner to promote the article published effectively on targeted sources like Social Media – Facebook Groups, Google+ communities.

    By far, we can conclude the Content is King, yet is nothing without audiences and promotion why?

    As because, even if you’ve got trained from Sett Godin you’d not gain much popularity as because there ain’t any who’d read your articles.

    Make sense right?

    Perhaps, thanks Nisha Pandey for writing down such compact article. Have a great weekend ahead.

    – Bishal Biswas

  5. hey Nisha,

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful article with us, i want to add one more point to this that we can also use quotes aroung our blog post and can give a tweet option which can also bring social media traffic to a blog.

    ~Nitin Singh

  6. Thanks Austen for stopping by here. Keep visitng.

  7. Hello Atish,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words.

    Really, Social media helps to grab lot of traffic. There are many social networks but, we can’t manage all together.

    Which social network do you prefer the most?

  8. Hello Ravi,

    Yes, Traffic is the main concern of bloggers. If no visitors coming then what is the use of blog posts.

    In this case, social media can play some vital role to bring instant traffic.

    You are right google loves the unique content and it can bring loyal readers too.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Hello Bishal,

    Thanks for such a wonderful comment.

    I know the content is king. But, there are millions of competition also. We can’t get is rank so easily and quickly with the content. For that time being, we can increase traffic through social media.

    Social media can be great source for increasing some good amount of instant traffic. There are lot of free and easy tools to use like “Triberr”.

    Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  10. Hi Nitin,

    Yes, This should be a great idea for exploring our content and bring social media traffic.

    Thanks for the kind comment. Keep visiting.

  11. Thanks for your article Nisha. I have never tried Press Releases myself, would see if they actually drive any traffic to my blog. Regularly commenting on related blogs can also drive traffic to a blog if done in the right way.

  12. Hi Nisha Pandey
    Very nice and lovely post by you .After reading this article i get to learn many new things which i was lacking Before .thanks to share such a great article with us .feeling very glad on being here

  13. This is very useful information shared here. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Nice information. Social media plays a great role these days in generating traffic. No doubt about it.

  15. Wonderful article .. I am really impressed to site info
    Good work..keep it up Nisha

  16. Hi Nisha,

    Nice to meet you here. There is nothing better than sharing our blogs on social media! It is all up to us to put our best foot forward and initiate reading other blogs and commenting on them plus sharing their content on social media. In turn, most bloggers will reciprocate.

    Then on the social media platform we can get to know each other better. I always say that social media is like a party in slow motion. We walk in and know no one. But we can chime into a conversation, being ethical and respectful of course,

    We start making friends there. We start to resonate with others and their interests. Then they in turn, want to know more about us and will visit our blogs as we post them on the social sites.

    It does take time, but organic growth its the best of all!

    Great points, and my favorite one is using videos! Lots of us tend to be shy, but videos in our blog posts always do well. People can see us in “action” and it can be a great way to build relationships.


  17. Hello Ankur,

    Welcome to my blog here.

    Press Releases can also drive some traffic but, regular commenting works better than other things.

    It helps to interact with other bloggers. Letting them know about your blog. It really works.

    Keep visiting and Have a great Day!

  18. Hello Naveen,

    I am glad that you liked it and it helped to learn something.

    Keep visiting and have a great week ahead!

  19. Thanks for your kind words Abhishek.

  20. Thanks for your words.

    Yes, Social media can boost your traffic. Just you have to used in right way.

    Keep visiting.

  21. Hi Sachin,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the kind words.

    I am glad that you liked it. It is my pleasure to share my experiences with my readers.

    Keep visiting and commenting!

  22. Hi Nisha

    Nice points out there to increase traffic but I have an question how we can link our website along with images on photo sharing website.We can have our website link only with our profile right can you elaborate a point on it

  23. Hello Nisha,

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. Traffic is more important for a blog. Methods which you have discussed here are really important. Thanks again 🙂

  24. Hi,
    Thanks for this post. In this post you really revealed some tips for social media and use of the same.

  25. Hello Nisha,
    10 awesome innovative steps to increase website traffic with social networking. these 10 are the best steps to bring traffic from social networking site.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. Keep posting like this..

  26. Hello Donna,

    Welcome to my blog. It is feeling good to having you here and your kind words.

    Social media is doing boom on blogging and other industries as well. It is helping people to introduce their product/business with others.

    You are totally right, introducing each other on social networks, sharing our experiences, thoughts are like a party. I love to attend this party regularly and hope all bloggers too.

    Have a great week ahead Donna and many thanks for stop by here.

  27. Hello Nisha, i quite agree with your ten points, traffic generation is the heart beat of every blogger so every tutorial on it is welcome. Thanks for sharing this post.

  28. Hello Shameem,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by here.

    In regards to your question, you can give the hyperlink to images or you can put the website link at profile only. This is depend on the rules of that site where you want to submit it.

    You can read their instructions or contact to support of that site otherwise, let me know the url of website. I will find for you.

    Hope this will help you.

    Have a great day!

  29. Hello Moumita,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words.

    Yes you are right, traffic is really important for a blog. Without traffic, no use of blog.

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  32. Hello Emebu,

    Yes, I agree with your comment. This is my pleasure to share my experience always.

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  33. Socal media is the best place for increasing the visitors for your site, but many people don’t know it yet. Thanks for sharing this valuable information

  34. Hi Jeniffer,

    Yes, you are right. Social media is a great tool to boost traffic. Just you have to use it in a right manner.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  35. Hi Nisha,

    You are right but we can not become a part of All social Networking site.
    If we share just our latest post then we join all social networking site but it is not beneficial for us.
    If we participate there with other people. comment on their blog, share their post etc then this step will be useful for us.

    What you say about it?

    Areehsa Noor

  36. I guess social medias like Stumble upon, tumbler and reddit are the key elements to drive tons of traffic on your blogs. I personally use reddit and stumble to gain the required audiences.

  37. Hi Nisha,

    I think good quality content in unison with social media can help us a lot.

  38. Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it.

  39. Hi Nisha, you’re post was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful to spend my time reading your post.You’ve given me more ideas and tips in making the most out of Social Media. I was just focusing in PPC Ads so I need more tips for Social Media marketing. Thank you so much.

  40. Hi Areesha,

    Yes, rather than posting and wasting your time in all social network Just focus on 2-3 important network which suits you best and give you quality result.

    Networking is always a great idea to promote your brand. Sharing others content can give you good result. You should promote others, they will definitely promote yours.

    Hope, you found this useful for you.

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts with us.

    Have a nice day!

  41. Hi Charmie,

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, social media always work to attract large amount of traffic. And, Reddit and Stumble upon is a great tool to achieve target audiences. I am so glad that these are working for you

    Thanks for coming by here and sharing your feedback with us.

    Have an awesome year 2015!

  42. Hi Rajaraman,

    Ya, quality content and social media both are important to attract more readers to your site. Thanks for stopping by here. Have a nice day!

  43. Thanks for the comment Sachin. I really appreciate it.

    Happy New Year!

  44. wow nice post

  45. Thanks for the tips as i was really having a hard time getting traffic from social networks. Will follow your advise and see how it works out.

  46. Your steps are good. But I think so mostly blogger post other content. According to my real life experience and case study on AdSense. I am sure every blogger paste each other content.

  47. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing content marketing tips. I agree with all your points. Yes! Infographic really helps in increasing traffic and links as well.

  48. Thanks for sharing a wonderful article with us, i want to add one more point to this that we can also use quotes aroung our blog post and can give a tweet option which can also bring social media traffic to a blog.


  49. Thanks for your all suggestion for increasing traffic.

  50. for newbie bloggers it’s a great stuff thanks for sharing

  51. really awesome article. thanks for sharing such a nice information. nice website, keep up the good work.

  52. I like social media groups. We can easily able to get traffic from there,