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10 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Mobile



A phone is one of the most important gadgets in our lives. We depend on these devices not only for making and receiving calls but also for taking photos and videos, booking tickets and making payments for the things that we buy. Every day we get to see new phones being launched and the ones with the best features aren’t usually affordable.

One must wait for a long time for the top of the line model to receive a big price drop and become affordable. By the time this happens it would be replaced by a newer model and the cycle goes on. Another way to get the best cell phone out there at an affordable price is to look for a refurbished model.

#1 The price of the phone

When it comes to buying a refurbished phone the main reason people prefer them is the price. A refurbished top of the line model costs only a fraction of the new handset. On looking for a iPhone 6s one can find the new ones going for ₹47,999 whereas the refurbished models are being sold for ₹20,990. You can even get a better deal with eBay offers on freecharge. This is the price of a phone which hasn’t been used for more than a day.

#2 Better than a used phone

When you buy a used phone, you get a device which has been used for a while by the previous owner and given to you after a factory reset. In case of the refurbished phones, your device is reset by the manufacturer which is followed by performing some tests and then given to you.

#3 They come with a warranty

When you buy a second-hand device, you are dealing with the previous user and most of the time your phone won’t have a warranty. This means your phone won’t be repaired easily in case of any faults. In case of refurbished phone, the phone is sold to you by the manufacturer and it comes with a warranty and they will either replace or repair your phone if any you face any issues.

#4 You can get a phone which is no longer available on the market

Suppose, you are looking for one of those old flip Motorola phones but as you might know they are not manufactured anymore. You could either look for them on the used market. If you get the used phone then it would come with all the wear and tear which it got from the long usage. The refurbished phone will come looking brand new with minimal signs of usage and you can flaunt it as if it is actually a brand-new device. This is a great option for people who are attached to a legacy hardware and refuse to get something new.

#5 You get all the accessories

Many a times, people who sell their devices such as old iPhones don’t provide the original accessories like the earphones. They claim that it was damaged or lost and you can’t do anything about it. The refurbished phones come with all the accessories along with the warranty for the accessories.

#6 Good for the environment

A phone which developed some problems can have two futures. The first one, where it is sent to a scrapyard for getting recycled. In this case many parts of the phone such as the circuit board are crushed and thrown away and metal is recycled. The second future is going for a refurbishment process. In this the phone is inspected and the faulty parts repaired by the experts and sold again at a reduced price. Here, the complete phone is recycled with almost zero wastage. Saving the environment is a huge issue nowadays and this is a good way of doing it.

#7 Quality assurance

The refurbished phones come with all the tests performed on them that you expect a brand-new phone to go through. They are sold only after passing these tests which isn’t the case with the used phone where you can only perform a few tests before buying it. In case a problem arises, you cannot contact the person who sold you the phone for any help but you can contact the manufacturer for refurbished mobiles.

#8 As good as new

Statistically, most of the refurbished phones are used less than 10 days before being returned to the manufacturer and most of the time the issue isn’t even that serious. People return the whole package just because the charger was faulty. It means that you are getting an essentially new device at an unbeatable price.

#9 Unlocked devices

Most of the time a refurbished mobile is unlocked by the factory before being sold. This is a huge advantage as most of the phones come with a contract and the new unlocked phones are way too expensive. Just take the case of iPhone 7 Plus. A new unlocked phone will set you back $699. On buying with AT&T contract it will cost you $499 for one and a half year contract whereas a refurbished mobile directly from Apple will cost you $549 and will be yours forever.

#10 No regrets

So, you are looking to get your hands on the latest piece of technology and end up regretting that you spent way too much on a phone that you will end up replacing once a new model arrives. Refurbished phone gives you the same feel as a new one and this means you can easily get the newer models in future without thinking about spending too much.


Buying a refurbished mobile is not only a way to get your favorite phone at an affordable price but it is also good for the environment. It gives a defective phone a new life. But before you buy any refurbished phone ensure that you are buying it from a reliable source with all the documentation and warranty. These phones are not perfect and the technicians could only the try their best to ensure that the phones are working fine but nothing beats the quality and standard of owning a brand-new phone.

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