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10 Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About



Every time Instagram gets update and brings some new features along it that you actually have to discover. If you love clicking pictures and share them to your friends and relatives then by the use of some new tricks you will love this social network a lot more. The recent update of the Instagram has some really amazing features which are useful and even increase the Instagram experience greatly.


Few of the Instagram hacks and tricks are listed below, as they can be helpful, fun or can make your Instagram usage more enjoyable. But usage of Instagram is a lot more fun when you have large number of followers. Socialshop offers you the best Instagram followers by which your post receives much attention, immediately. The features mentioned would also be very useful for the beginners of the Instagram.   

1.     Get Notification When Your Favourite People Post:

If you don’t want to miss any post of your favourite user, you can simply get a notification every time your influencer posts. All it requires is the turning of the notification for each individual you want to be in touch with. Other thing is that you also need to turn on the notifications of Instagram on your phone as well.

2.     You Can See All The Posts You Have Liked.

Ever wanted to see the posts you have liked in one place? If yes, then all you have to do is go to settings and then can click on the option ‘Posts you have liked’. You would get to see all the posts you have liked. You can even unlike them.

3.      Create a Collection of Saved Photos.

In addition to an option by which you are able to see the posts you have liked, there is an additional thing by which you can even save some of the posts or can bookmark them in the collections you have created.

4.     You Can See The Posts Your Friends Have Liked or Commented on.

You are able to view the recent liking and commenting activity of the people you follow.

5.     Reorder The Filters.

This is common practice that people like only few filters and the rest of them are never used again. You can change the order of the filters of Instagram. The filters which are largely used by you can be placed at the first order setting. And the ones you dislike can be deleted from the list of Instagram filters.

6.      Instagram as a Photo editor.

You love using Instagram filters and its features but don’t want to post the picture on Instagram. You can make use of the Instagram as a photo editor. All it need is just to apply the filters and when you are done editing you need to post the picture. But the thing to be noticed is that, you have to post the picture by putting your phone on *Airplane Mode*. Your picture would not get posted but instead it would be saved in your Instagram folder.

7.     Hide Photos You Have Been Tagged in.

If you have been tagged in a photo or video then those pictures are saved under ‘Photos of you’. If you want to remove them and don’t want others to see them then, go to menu of ‘Photos of you’ and click on ‘Hide photo’. This will remove the photo from your profile and you and others would not have an access to them.

8.     Browse Posts From Certain Locations.

One fun feature of Instagram is that you can browse the photos or videos from a specific location. You can also browse them near your current location. It can help you in having an idea about the place.  




9.     Hide Ads That Are Irrelevant.

Instagram shows the ads and sponsored things related to you. But when you get to see the things which are irrelevant you can hide ads on Instagram, tap on the three dots to the right of a post labelled “Sponsored,” and choose ‘Hide This’.

10.  Send Photos Privately To Your Friends.

You can share the content on Instagram by sending the photos privately to your friends instead of posting them publicly. You can also share the posts to multiple users.

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