10 Best Tech Blogs

10 Best Blogs that will Make You a Tech Enthusiast

Blogs have become the best way to get noticed online now. Whether it is your brand, product or business you are promoting, the blogs serve an excellent platform for reaching out to your customers. There are numerous blogs that serve to oblige any kind of demand the public makes.


10 Best Tech Blogs


The tech world has also embraced the blogs which are wonderful, informative, and trendy. I think that in the present scenario these tech blogs serve as the best Launchpad for your tech career with the plethora of information they provide you with. Here are some that I’ve been keeping in touch with daily.

1.  Mashable

In Mashable blog, you get all the recent updates on the news, resources, and information on technological innovations and how they improve and enhance people the world over. With a whopping 34 million unique visitors and 14 million social media followers, I think this is the best and most influential blog of date.

Founded in 2005 with New York City as headquarters, the blog uses Ruby on Rails and PHP apps ensuring that users get an optimal experience. Frederick Townes, the CTO of Mashable explains the objective of the blog is to boost user experience by the applications used instead of focusing on performance or scale anomalies. To ensure this they:

  • Aim at identifying the problems with an app before a user realizes it
  • Work towards giving a solution that has better control and alertness
  • Give users greater insight and awareness about the latest in technology

And the best thing I like about this blog is its versatile presence. From Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Digg and Stumble Upon, you can keep in touch with the current digital and social media happenings posted on the blog via your smartphone and also by visiting their site.


2.  TechCrunch

This blog targets on the various IT companies’ right from the startups to corporate firms. Founded by Michael Arrington in the year 2005, what I like in the blog is the special focus and insights that viewers can get on Mobiles. Beside the tech information from the main site, users also get to know more about the tech world via Crunch Base, its free data base.

When quizzed about the blog network’s phenomenal success, its founder revealed there are a few pertinent points that help in retaining the audience like the truth, transparency, and unbiased nature of providing information. Changing over from providing information on startups to daily tech news, the blog has come a long way and developed into a mainstream media which what in my opinion every successful blog is aiming at ultimately.

3.  Engadget

This is a very successful blog that covers all the cutting edge gadgets, electronics, the technology behind them, and reviews and opinions on the tech products. Founded in March 2004 by Peter Rojas, initially a web property, this site has grown from a written information provider to live coverage of events and mobile device information.

Managing two most popular tech blogs, Engadget and Gizmodo, Rojas commented on the success of the blog format saying that interest in the topic is the main crux, which propels the blog forward. I think amateur bloggers have a lot to learn from the way Peter Rojas approaches blogging. Here are some insights into his thoughts on how does a blog attract viewers:

  • Imparting information with enthusiasm that helps viewers envision the bigger picture clearly
  • A new and irreverent approach to technology
  • Reach the audience in short, precise, and user-friendly language
  • Focusing on technological trends as a whole instead of on specific brands

According to Rojas, humorous language is admissible as long as it supports the information and not the reason behind it.


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4.  GigaOM

This is one of the most popular and influential blogs you can find today. Founded by Om Malik in 1994, the blog focusses mainly on Web 2.0 coverage. One of the original team members of Forbes.com, Malik has said that the best way to make your blog noticed is to follow these guidelines.

  • Be transparent and honest about giving information
  • Respecting the readers and other people you do business with is an important principle that can take you to great heights
  • Realize your weaknesses and strengths
  • Build a strong connection with your peers


5.  Boing Boing

This is my favorite Zine blog which targets on the wonderful and bizarre things that make up the tech world. What I like most about this blog is its independent nature, since its inception nearly over two decades ago. The site deals with short articles, features, and videos too. Founded by Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, the blog was originally a zine that showcased the joy that can be extracted out of computers, art, comics, and fiction and all other things of irreverent nature.

Mark Frauenfelder says that to succeed one has to keep it small and enjoyable. With expensive freights and low sell through rates, starting it big will not augur well for the site. Similarly, he also advises against mass circulation and big time advertisers. Though advertisers bring in money, they take satisfaction and fun out of the whole process.


6.  Gawker

Gawker Media, owned by Nick Denton is a blog network based in New York City. Founded in 2002, the blog initially a media and gossip blog soon diversified into a network of blogs on gaming, sports, and science fiction. At present, its largest sites are Lifehacker and Gizmodo that have over 19 million unique visitors. The site’s shift of focus from page views to unique visitors has paid well with an increase in revenue.

Original reporting and catering to viewers’ interests are the two main reasons for the success of Gawker. The sites are oriented towards profit, celebrity, and opinion with their short, targeted, and snarky views that come out of the conventional mode exposing hypocrisy and this method has become the main basis of how most blogs function today.

Nick Denton emphasizes on taking a different approach to how we talk and share views online. He aims at making publishing a more open relationship, where the authors get to collaborate with smart readers.


7.  Forrester Blog

The blog is a great knowledge base for technological data and analysis. You get the latest statistics and information on technology and mobiles here. Founded by George F. Colony, the blog believes that changing the process and following organized nature is directly connected to technological infusion.

The success formula of the blog is based on the following crucial points.

  • Prioritizing clients’ needs
  • Collaborating with clients and being honest in sharing concepts and working on issues
  • Courage and integrity in all processes
  • Giving top quality service in all spheres

Technology Blogs

8.  The All New Ewan’s Musings

This is an independent blog which displays the strong views of its founder Ewan Spence on mobile technology.  The blog is widely read because of its

  • Providing information that makes technology accessible to everyone
  • Publishing interesting tech trivia

When asked about his blog, the Bafta nominated blogger and podcaster says that his blog aims at giving a friendlier and casual version of technological updates.  I find the quotes, links, and information titbits the blog has on technology culture and media surrounding mobile phones very interesting.

9.  The Red Ferret Journal

This site is famous for its informative posts on gadgets, cool sites, free ware, tech trivia, and current tech news. Launched in 2000, this is the first eclectic tech blog that shares information in a fun filled and offbeat manner. You can find information on the weird and abnormal technologies that are being invented around the world. Founded by Nigel Powell, the blog is known for its

  • Useful and informative predictions on potential technological innovations
  • Silliest, weirdest, and arcane tech news information from all parts of the world


10.  Coolest Gadgets

Founded in 2005 by Al Carlton, the blog has information on the latest and greatest in the technological world. On profiting from blogging, Al Carlton says that you need to first find what area you enjoy writing about and get geared up for the long term as building rankings and audiences is not a short term process.

I’ve always considered that blogs in essence are present to share ideas, information, and views on various subjects. With the right approach which also concentrates on giving a fresh and new perspective, these blogs that I’ve lined up have succeeded to a great extent in quenching the thirst of the tech enthusiasts around the world.

Which is your favorite Tech blogs Please share with your comment below.


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  1. Hi Nisha,

    This is the 1st time I have visited your blog… And feeling lucky to read this… I have heard about few of these sites but most of them are new to me… Surely I will give a visit to all these pages…

    Thanks a lot for sharing it… 🙂


  2. Hi Karmakar,

    Welcome to my blog and nice to meet you here.

    I am glad that you liked this. Keep visiting.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi Nisha,

    Due to the popularity of Mashable and Techchrunch I was aware about these awesome websites which provide the information about technology.

    But the other websites you have listed were not in my mind as I have never visited them.

    I hope they are also helpful like Mashable.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Enjoy your day.:)


  4. Hi Nisha,
    I visit your blog first time through Enstine Muki’s blog while commenting.
    I am very happy to read this post because all these website are new for me and I am very lucky that first time in your blog, I found many useful website.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  5. Hi Ravi,

    Yes, Mashable and Techcrunch is very popular technology blogs. All other listed websites are also similar to MASHABLE and very popular technology blogs.

    Hope you will like the list given.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Areesha,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind feedback.

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  7. Hi Nisha,

    Those were a nice list of tech blogs 🙂

    I hardly visit many technical blogs as they are not related to my niche or categories on my blog, except the ones that visit mine – to comment on their blogs. Nor do I find the time nowadays due to the growing community.

    However, I have heard and visited most of these, though Mashable is a favorite I think of of some bloggers, and that’s one I visit sometimes – for the interesting posts that show up there.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  8. Some of the blogs I do know. But, few I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing the valuable information about blogs to make a me a tech enthusiast.

  9. Hi Nisha its my first visit to your blog and the impression is wow. Its cllean and fast loading. Can you tell me what template it is?

    yes I love some of these blogs and I like GigaOm, techcrunch, I would also like to add lifehacker (though not a full tech blog) and our own Labnol it has some of the best resources on technology too.

  10. I know few of them very well.
    Techcrunch is my favorite one.

  11. Hello Harleena mam,

    Thanks for coming by and share your valuable thoughts.

    Yes, I know you are so busy now a days with your growing community.

    Mashable is a very popular blog which covers technology news and tips.

    Have a great day!

  12. Hi Bindu,

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  13. Hello Swadhin,

    Welcome here. Yes sure it is free version of TechStorm. I will soon upgrade to premium version. It is very best theme at free version. I have worked on reducing load time on last few days.

    Yes, I agree with you that Lifehacker and labnol is also one of best tech blogs.

    Keep visiting and have a great weekend!

  14. Your blog post is really great and different from other old posts. Actually here you have shared something new points to archive success easily.

    I know you are a good blogger and will be soon teach me something great 🙂

  15. Hello Nisha,

    I found your blog in Triberr, and glad I came across yours !

    Although I’m a design exam and social media blogger, I have been a big fan and of course a continuous reader of tech blogs. I pity myself for I know only the first four tools and the rest 6 tools are completely new to me – never even heard about them ! Thanks for bringing into light 🙂

    Anyway, I have the following tech blog lists that are quite handful –

    BBC Future
    Digital Trends
    Ars Technica
    Tech Crunch
    The Verge

  16. Hi Nisha, This is a great list of tech blogs. I’m also a fan of CNet that has very helpful tech information.

  17. Hi Nisha,

    What a great list of tech blogs! I know of Mashable and TechCrunch, but never heard of the rest. Thanks for listing them. I do have so much to learn when it comes to Tech!


  18. Hi Subodh,

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  20. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for dropping by here. Mashable and TechCrunch are very popular and know by most of the bloggers. Others are also very popular tech blogs. I am glad that you liked it.

    Have a great day ahead!

  21. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for your kind words. I am also a regular reader of CNet with Mashable and TechCrunch too.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  22. Hi Bhanu,

    A most welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by here.

    Thanks for sharing about you and your wonderful list of tech blog. Hope, my users will like this.

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  23. Hi Nisha,

    If you search the net, there are plenty of blogs on technology that it becomes difficult to decide the best one.

    I find each tech blog out there ‘out shines’ the other one.

    Anyway, knowing the best ones from experienced bloggers like you gives more impetus to the subject talked about.

    Thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi Rajaraman,

    Yes, there are plenty of technology blogs. This is good to hear that you liked my list.

    Thanks for stopping by here. Have a nice weekend!

  25. I will give a visit to all these pages. Thanks for post

  26. Thank you so much for visiting all these blogs. Have a nice day!

  27. I’m a big fan of TheVerge, because it’s also providing excellent tech related information and is very much popular among all tech websites.

  28. hi …

    thankyou for sharing wonderful post

    AS a content writer and as a reader i love your post very much. all the posts of your blog was pretty amazing. and i learn lot of interesting things from this blog.
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  29. I think all those blog sites are running with wordpress. Techcrunch is best wordpress optimized blog.