If you are one of the thousands of WordPress website owners or web developers who are facing problems of page load speed of your WordPress site, then you should surely check whether the images on your site are properly optimized. This is because Image Optimization is highly essential in WordPress owing to the fact that they boost your website traffic and also make it highly optimized as per the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements.

But if are wondering how to optimize those images, then detailed below are the 10 most popular Image Optimization Tools that are sure to sweep you off your feet by speeding up your WordPress website. Check them out!!

  1. EWWW Image Optimizer


  • This particular tool is highly characteristic of faster image optimization due to direct synchronization with the original servers.
  • Supports various formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF files.
  • Provides “media catalog” to keep the various images in the website highly organized for better references.
  • Highly suitable for large file formats and bigger media libraries.
  • Needs to be installed in the administrator mode for better installation purposes.
  • Optimization as per cloud technology
  1. CW Image Optimizer


  • Provides lossless optimization process
  • The optimization takes place before uploading the images onto the server
  • Highly similar to WP Smush and uses image optimization tools like Linux little utils
  • Easier installation techniques
  • Bulk optimization is made highly feasible in this particular plug-in
  1. PB Responsive Images


  • Optimizes the various images on the WordPress site with reference to the standard image format suggested by Responsive Images Community group in w3.org.
  • Formatting is highly subjective to standardized SLIR and CSS media queries.
  • Provides immense flexibility for the various optimization problems.
  • Highly organized media structure and configuration settings for greater customization features.
  • Helper functions for customization of queries per layout or post.

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  1. SEO Friendly Images


  • Highly optimized for SEO standards and the various customizations of the images are done with proper TITLE and ALT characteristics.
  • The ALT option facilitates detailed description of the images to the corresponding search engines and is an essential factor facilitating greater search optimization.
  • The TITLE option provides the unique title for the image when a user hovers over one.
  • Renders the post W3C/ xHTML valid
  1. ShortPixel Image Optimizer 


  • Highly recommended due to the availability of both lossy and lossless compression features.
  • Supports formats of JPG, PNG, and GIF
  • This plug-in remains active all the time irrespective of the task being executed.
  • Provides for excellent bulk optimization features using various tools.
  • Optimization takes place before uploading with the inclusion of EXIF data removal process for smoother functioning of the server.
  • The free version of this software allows image compression facilities of a total number of 100 images per month.
  1. Compress JPEG and PNG Images 


  • Highly characteristic of enhanced image size reduction due to the implementation of extensive lossy compression techniques.
  • Preserves the original quality of the images during the optimization process.
  • Bulk optimization is the most popular property of this software.

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  1. WP Smush 


  • Provides bulk optimization facilities and is limited to around 50 files at a time.
  • Instant optimization of images takes place once they are uploaded on the server.
  • Free and Premium versions are also available under this plug-in.
  • Individual image optimization is also made feasible in the corresponding Media library.
  • Implements “lossy compression” techniques and “Super Smush options” in the premium versions of this plug-in
  • Provides less or no loss of quality at all
  • Automated Smushing is available for facilitating automatic optimization techniques.
  • The minimum file size after reduction is around 32 MB
  1. BJ Lazy Load


  • Highly creative plug-in that does not require prior configuration.
  • Implements jQuery.sonar to load the images as per the scrolling criteria and functions.
  • Bulk optimization of the images is highly made feasible in this corresponding plug-in.
  • Facilitates faster site loading and conserves bandwidth to quite a great extent.
  • Compatible with iFrames and embedded video sections.
  • Supports RICG Responsive Images plug-in for enhanced responsiveness of the images.
  • Excellent filters available for better optimization strategies.
  • Highly compatible with text widgets too.
  1. Insanity


  • Provides exclusive image conversion from various formats to the standard format.
  • Fully customizable configuration settings for predefined image formats.
  • Incorporates built-in scaling widgets which are made available by WordPress
  • Scales the image size to the standardized sizes of the websites.
  • Images can easily be bulk- resized as per predefined image specifications.
  • Remains active once enabled unlike other plug-ins which require periodic enabling
  • Highly applicable to blogs and websites that do not want optimization of images prior to upload
  1. Hammy


  • Highly recommended for best adaptive design features on the corresponding website.
  • Optimizes the images properties according to the user’s device with the incorporation of WordPress 3.5 Image Code.
  • The quality of the image is retained inexplicably.
  • The incorporation of this plug-in facilitates quicker and easier navigation through the site.
  • Hammy is not recommended for standard custom posts. It works on posts already available on the website.
  • Output filtering is done at every step through the image generation is done only once.
  • Extensive retina support is made exclusively available.
  • Provides no alteration of the original database and hence is highly secure.


These are by the far the fully functional and highly popular plug-ins which have effectively led to the massive success of the WordPress-based websites, thus facilitating greater traffic, better business opportunities and higher financial standards on a global scale!!

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