000WebHost Review

Once you venture into the market for free web hosting, a healthy amount of options usually comes up from which you decide to choose through proper comparisons and the amenities provided by respective services. So to choose, you need to find that perfect balance between good service and optimized price. That should help you shortlist services you want to hire.

000webhost is one such service which will be getting reviewed in this piece, a renowned and a top free web hosting service provider.

Started back in the year of 2007, this service took the world by storm as a free web host service provider. Like its name, it offers you hosting for free. It is indeed a choice to be settled upon amongst the myriads of free web hosting services out there where chances of getting scammed are highly likely.

Of course, more features can be added if you choose for a premium package, but for its free package, it comes with surprises which make it a viable option.

The plan will offer you a bandwidth of 10 GBPS along with 1 GB of cloud storage. You can host two websites. As for web building tools, you get free cPanel and other tools which are known to be user-friendly. Moreover, email hosting is also free. If this is not a great deal without any involvement of capital, then I don’t know what else is.

000webhost Features:

  •    Easy web building tools along with free web hosting
  •    Free cPanel web hosting services
  •    Uptime guaranteed 99.9%
  •    PHP, MySQL and no ads
  •    1GB worth of disk space
  •    One click web installer.

In-depth review

Pricing and its structure

As already mentioned, it has a premium plan which starts as low as 3.49$ a month while Its business plan starts at 7.49$/ month. Its sister company, which goes by the name hosting also provides the premium plan which also is a bang for the buck; if you sign up for the premium services, then you will get a free domain accompanied by web development assistance as required. Unique at this price quote, since you get support even for any development issues.

The premium plan is indeed wrapped with surprises since they also sport a live chat assistance feature which should make this an alluring deal for most customers. Their tech support is also very co-operative even when your website has to migrate to a different host or their server. And the best part is that this service is free of any money.


Free Package

  •    1000 MB Disk Space
  •    2 MySQL Databases
  •    2 Websites
  •    10000 MB Bandwidth
  •    Website Builder
  •    5 Email Forwarders
  •    Sleeps 1 hour Per Day
  •    Free domain hosting

Premium Package

  •    Unlimited Number of Websites
  •    Unlimited Bandwidth
  •    Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  •    Unlimited MySQL Databases
  •    Simple Website Builder
  •    Unlimited FTP Users
  •    Never Sleeps
  •    Unlimited Email Accounts
  •    Free Domain Name
  •    3X WordPress Optimized Speed

Business Package

  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Simple Website builder
  • Unlimited FTP Users
  • Never Sleeps
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Domain Name
  • 5X WordPress Optimized Speed
  • Daily Backups
  • 2X Processing Power & Memory
  • Deluxe Live Support
  • Free SSL Certificate to secure customer

Disk space

It offers up to an endless 1000 MB of disk space along with 10GB worth of unmetered bandwidth. It is quite handy for bloggers who are starting out and don’t want to invest much. A simple blog post gathers as much as 2MB which gives any blogger a lump some of space to work on and still have space for more. The offer is very generous and thoughtful when it comes to maintaining the equilibrium between services and features. Also, one can host up to two websites also get a domain, all these just under their free plan.

Instant Backups

Digital data is quite vulnerable to crashes and other faults, so it is quite obvious that data backups are necessary, just to be on the safer sides of anything. While creating a website with 000webhost, the backup of any data is done automatically since this is a default feature of them. You can restore the backed up data with just one click of a button and that too with ease. The control panel lets you create instant backups anywhere and anytime you want to. It backs up any data that goes to the website created along with the MYsql database. Backup is something which other web hosting services don’t provide, but 000webhost can do that which again makes itself a competent choice for anyone.

cPanel Support

They offer the updated version of panel even on their free hosting plan. Along with that comes 100+ auto install scripts which is indeed a generous effort since it is a free plan. Boxbilling is also added which is an invoicing system made out of PHP, and that helps you to invoice any client or customer. Still, if you are not satisfied with the auto-install scripts, you can get tons of other free web building tools along with tons of templates to choose from. They can be used by simply dragging and dropping which makes it very user-friendly.



Ad Support

Free hosting services often don’t allow customized ads to run from their hosted website, but you can run your web and on the free plan. 000webhost never displays their ad even on their free plans since they allow users to run their own. The intention here is to convert these loyal and lovely users into premium users once they start converting these free of cost convenience into money.

Email Support

Email support is important, and they provide ad even in their free plans with the inclusion of additional features like hosting from google platforms, support of mail function in PHP version which means that mass email can be sent to anyone who has subscribed to your site. This feature is monitored but is surely a great addition to the arsenal of other features.