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000Webhost: An Easy-to-use Site Builder & Hosting Service for Free!



Designing your website, hosting and publishing it is going to be an expensive affair. That is most small business owners and professionals think about having their own website. What if you could design your website yourself using a simple site builder, add all the features you need, and host it, and even have a database? And what is all this is available to you for free? That is exactly what is offered by 000Webhost.

000Webhost provides free web hosting service and a free site builder. You can design your own website without any professional help and host it for free. And all its services are available for free.

Free web hosting

A Free & Easy to Use Website Builder

000Webhost offers a Zyro-powered free site builder. Get access to hundreds of professionally-designed, free to use templates. Anyone with basic IT skills can choose a template, edit it and add content to create a unique website. And all these templates are responsive. You can create an elegant and fully-functional website for your niche that will look just like it has been designed and developed by a professional.

The site builder offers a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can add/edit the content including text, images, and videos. Add features, install scripts (using a single-click Autoinstaller), and create a fully-functional site. and once your website is ready, you can publish and host it right here on 000Webhost. Do all this without any previous web designing experience or knowledge of coding.

000Webhost offers free web hosting platform for your website. Once you have designed you website using the free site builder, there will be no need to look for a domain hosting service. The web host offers free domain and sub-domain service along with cPanel access. Manage your website using the most popular and easy to use control panel that exists.


000Webhost also allows you to install more than 50 scripts with just one click. Want to add e-commerce feature to your website? It takes just a click with the Autoinstaller. Want to create a blog powered by WordPress? Do it with just a click. There are very few web hosting services that offer the Autoinstaller feature for free.

Integrate your site with Google AdSense and start generating revenues. The platform allows you to do this with just a click. You can also integrate your site with Google Analytics and stay on top of all the stats. Track your site’s performance, make adjustments, and keep improving it. And all this can be done for free without having to pay for the site builder or the web hosting service.

You can add Google Maps to your contact page, show YouTube videos on your pages, add music tracks, add a photo gallery, and do much more. All this can be done with just drag-and-drop function or a single click.

Integrate your Site with Social Media

If SEO is crucial for your site to get found in search engines, you cannot take the importance of social media lightly too. With Facebook touch almost 2 billion monthly active users, social media has become a must-have platform for promoting your website. Add social media sharing buttons on your web pages. Integrate your site with your social media profiles. Let your new website content appear in your social feeds and draw more visitors.

Social media signals have become more important for search engine algorithms. The more likes, shares, and visits you get from your social media accounts, the better it will be for your website’s search rankings. With the 000Webhost site builder, you can easily integrate your social media accounts with your website.

Features of 000Webhost’s Site Builder

So what does this platform offer for free within its site builder. The answer is everything that you will find in a paid website builder.


1. Hundreds of Free Templates

000Webhost offers hundreds of free but professionally-designed templates. You can choose the right template based on your niche and the preferred design elements. All the templates are designed to meet the highest quality standards. They meet SEO best practices and are responsive in design. You are able to find templates which have been designed by professional designers, without the need for paying anyone.

2. Responsive Templates

Each free template is designed to be mobile friendly. This ensures that your website will render as effectively on mobile devices as on a desktop. With more than 50% search traffic originating in search engines, you simply cannot ignore the importance of responsive design.

Responsive design is also an important factor in search engine algorithms. Having a mobile-friendly website means that your site is likely to rank higher compared to the non-responsive websites of your competitors. So 000Webhost provides responsive templates, a significantly important feature, for free.

3. Build your Site Easily & Quickly

As already mentioned, 000Webhost provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop site builder. Even if you are creating a website for the first time, you wouldn’t have any difficulty using this builder. There is no need to have knowledge of coding or any markup languages.

4. Create SEO Friendly Website

000Webhost’s site builder allows you to optimize your website for search engines. You can edit all the SEO meta data on your website with ease. It simplifies the process, and anyone with basic knowledge can ensure that their website is optimized. Edit elements like page description, page titles, and keywords. This is going to ensure that your site adheres to the algorithms of the leading search engines, including Google, Bing, and others.

So the moment you publish your website, you will know that your site has been designed to rank high in search engines. When you create an SEO optimized website, it helps increase the chances of your site ranking higher than your competition.


000Webhost is much more than a free web hosting provider. It offers premium web hosting service for free, without any hidden costs. At the same time, it also allows you to design your own website, add features to it, install scripts with the single-click Autoinstaller, and do much more. Create a responsive and search engine optimized site, and do all this without any professional help.

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