White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO: Here’s How you can Get pro At It

In the great world of Google and content, everything is SEO. It is the breathing and living building block of almost every successful website we see or visit on daily basis. And among the cluster of so many challenging competitors, white hat SEO is most certainly the only step through which your website will be survive and become useful over the internet.

So what exactly is White hat SEO? Well, it is the total contrary to Black Hat SEO. It is a practice through which your website can stay inside the set terms and conditions of search engine, and can successfully improve search performances that appear on search engine result page (SERP). Your site will be easy to navigate with quality content and rich keyword meta-tags by the help of White hat SEO.

Why it is Important to become a White hat SEO Pro?

White Hat SEO

It’s simple – not using White hat SEO can ban your site from Google as well as other search engines! And no one who’s stepping in the online world can ever have the potential to take a risk like that.

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Google is understandably the number one search engine, which is visited by not just thousands but hundreds of millions visitors each day. Banning from Google means losing all the hopes for your online business to ever flourish, because it is perhaps and undeniably the only medium via which your website can get innumerable visitors and potential target audience. Cutting ties with Google is a perilous business, therefore, your only escape to a healthier online relationship with Google is through White hat SEO.

Here Are Few Ideas You Can Use To Become a White Hat SEO Pro

Getting hang on the right techniques and medium to learn white hat SEO is important once you step into this field. The basic necessary elements that a person needs to get a grasp on are an excellent, user-attractive, high quality content, a unique domain, and right keywords to draw the target audience, meta-keywords, being friends with the giant search engines, interactive website, and easy-to-navigate layout.

Apart from all the aforementioned methods, there are few other things that can assist newcomer big time. These are:

Reading Books: A number of White Hat SEO giants have published books that help a big deal to people who are new to the market. Reading SEO related book is a next step forwards towards a great future of your website. Some of the helpful books are as follows

  • SEO White Book by R. L. Adams
  • Outsmarting Google: SEO Secrets to Winning New Business by Evan Bailyn
  • The Art of SEO by Eric Enge
  • The Dao of SEO by Kenneth Sproul

Following Blogs

Internet is always buzzing with SEO related blogs. You might think that these are just frauds trying to make money per click but some of them are really authentic ones that can contain secrets to a successful white hat SEO pro.

  • Search Engine Land: This is easily the most eminent SEO blog that you will ever come across. It has everything that you are looking for and every answer to your every question. They are always the first to break the news.
  • Higher Visibility: This is like those Youtube tutorials that give you step by step details of everything with the right tools. If you are looking for advice that can help your website flourish better, this one is the blog for you.
  • Content Marketing Institute: Although this blog is mainly about how you can improve content of your website, you can get a great deal of help from this blog since it helps in SEO as a whole.

Follow Industry Influencers on Twitter

Apart from checking all these amazing blogs and books that we have mentioned above, it is time for you to get inspired by some of the SEO experts that are the real heroes! We are mentioning a number of amazing SEO giants who have managed to mark their name in the internet world.

·         Barry Schwartz: He is an SEO specialist like no other and the famous founder of Search Engine Roundtable. He has an influential blog related to SEO that you can take help from. Follow him on twitter @rustybrick

·         Danny Sullivan: Danny is among the major SEO personalities, sharing his immense wisdom to the world and helping new people in this field. Follow him on twitter @dannysullivan

·         Darren Rowse: He is the kind of blogger you would die to meet. From the past 15 years he has outshine anyone in blogging career, and literally made blogging his source of income. Follow him on twitter @problogger

·         Matt Cutts: Matt Cutts is eyes and ears of search engine. Any new information related to algorithm changes and search engine updates is always usually put up on the internet by him. He is the head of the webspam team at Google. Follow him on twitter @mattcutts

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Online White hat SEO Courses

Since we are talking about SEO, why not learn about white hat SEO online? Rather than joining any traditional SEO classes and traveling all the way to your institute, you can sit back at home and still learn from the authentic courses available online. There are many amazing websites that are offering such programs.

Some of them include Udemy that provides Google SEO training on both computer and mobile, Word Stream, kaisz, and Zeolearn are among the many websites that are offering effective online courses on White Hat SEO.

Although, it will take a lot of time to become a pro and grow your business online. Dedication, self-control, and discipline are the most important features that any online business should never let go of. Once you are in the business, being patience and following the rule of SEO, search engine, and internet as a whole will make you successful in no time.