whatsapp-voice-calling for android

WhatsApp confirms the launch of new voice calling feature

Remember the previous post where we reported that WhatsApp was testing their voice calling feature (WhatsApp voice calling: tested and blocked) for Android users?

Well if you were a little sceptical about it then, be sure now. It’s confirmed, the online messaging giant is finally rolling out the voice call services for its android users.

To get this cool new feature in your android mobile you’ll have download the updated version of the app though.

If you are an android user and would like to try out this new feature you’ll have to download the updated version 2.11.528 of the app from PlayStore.

Alternately, you can visit the WhatsApp website and download the version 2.11.531 on your mobile device.

While some of the users could see the voice calling feature on the user interface of their app, others can activate the feature only when he/she receives a voice call.

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Last time when the WhatsApp was testing the update it was the same procedure, only this time the company decided to keep the invite window open for a significantly long duration.

whatsapp-voice-calling for android

While WhatsApp have been beta-testing this new feature for quite some time now, one user from India has reported the activation of the same on his mobile.

It is reported that there will be some changes in the user interface, once this feature gets activated. Here is the list of changes that you’ll see once your phone gets the voice calling feature activated.

  • Once you receive an invite call from any of your contacts for the voice calling feature, you’ll have to receive it and then close the app.
  • Now once you reopen the app again, you’ll the changes in the user interface.
  • Instead of your regular tabs you’ll see three tabs, Contact, Calls and Chats.
  • This Calls tab records all your voice calls through WhatsApp. This tab gives you a log of receive, dialled and missed calls with time details, much like the regular call log in your phone.

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While this feature, once fully activated will definitely have a great impact, controversies are there to surround it.

Only last week, we received a report informing about a malware which promises the activation of the voice calling feature of WhatsApp.

If reports are to be believed, this malware asks the user to complete a survey for WhatsApp and then force them to download files that are potentially harmful for the mobile.

But controversies aside, there is no doubt that it is a really big step for WhatsApp and with this new feature they’ll make their hold on the market a little stronger.

Have you received a voice call invite yet? What do you think about this update? Do let us know your opinion on this.

  1. Whatapps now become one of most popular internet calling and text message beside the others. They are on the way to improve their services to be better. Nowadays, most people are using Whatapps instead of Viber or something else.

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  4. Yes, Alize camp. Whatsapp is very trending now and becoming very easier too. And this voice calling feature will boom a lot. Let’s use and experience its features.

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  7. The testing was going on since long time on the voice calling feature of WhatsApp Application, but now it is available. This feature is available on the latest version of the what’s App. This is available for android devices on Google Play for downloading.

  8. Easy Steps to activate voice calling on WhatsApp in your android mobile
    If any user wants to try this feature so, they need invitation. The user who is already having this feature activated so; they can invite any other what’s app users.

  9. Yes, Exactly Ketan. Do you have it?

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  10. Viber, wechat, line etc will be now left far behind. Now other apps like line and wechat will come again with great offers of free recharge for the users. We customers will always be benefited. Now, just waiting for whatsapp calling feature to start soon on iOS device.

  11. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Ketan,

    Yes it is available now. Though I’m yet to try it out myself, but heard it’s pretty good. Hope Whatsapp maintain its reputation with this new feature. But its sure be a big blow to all mobile network providers.

    But we users have nothing to complain till now 🙂

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