Whatsapp for blackberry

WhatsApp Becomes Serious about its BlackBerry Users with a new Beta Launch

WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile chatting system in the world. It has been most prevalent on Android, iOS and Symbian platforms. But BlackBerry has maintained a general distance from it because it has its own messaging system. But many of its users have installed it on their devices.

The communication platform allows users to send free messages, pictures and videos to friends. A voice-call feature is rolled out recently and is being embraced quickly by its users.

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WhatsApp seems to have maintained a distance from BB for a long time now. The company has launched a new Beta for use on BB10 devices. Of the total 700+ million users there are a very tiny percentage of BlackBerry users who have WhatsApp on their devices.

The new Beta can be downloaded by signing-up at the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Whatsapp for blackberry

The previous WhatsApp version for BlackBerry came with a lot of bugs. The company claims that it has made several improvements in the new Beta and fixed most of the bugs.

WhatsApp has fixed the multi-select issues in chat list in the previous version. Users also faced issues when scanning QR code. The new version has it addressed and removed.

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Many times double tapping a photo or title bar would open a new page multiple times. There were also problems with focus and navigation.

Many other bugs found in all the major versions including the Classic and the OS 10.3.1 have been addressed and rectified.

The Voice Call feature has been rolled out on other platforms, but BB 10 users will have to wait for some time to be able to call their contacts on WhatsApp.

Once it rolls out, BlackBerry will be able to deliver an even more powerful platform to its corporate users.

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The company is already targeting aggressively at its core business market, and one such step was the release of a highly secure tablet for government and corporate organizations.