Webmasters – Use Google Search Operators to Save Time and Effort

As a webmaster, how much time do you spend hunting for quality backlinks each day?

Does it get frustrating sometimes and you wish there was some shortcut to this?

As a webmaster myself, I’ve been there and perfectly well understand your frustrations.

For this reason, I bring you an infographic that will act as your shortcut to effective Googling using search operators.

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Look for Websites Related to Your Client’s Industry

When you zero down on the websites that pertain to your client’s industry, it becomes easy to blog and gain backlinks through them.

If you’re search is taking you everywhere but the kind of websites that you are looking for, here’s a search operator shortcut.

Type the keyword followed by a search query in quotes like “top 10 websites.” For instance you could Google smartphone “top 10 websites”.

I have documented a variety of search queries like this for your convenience in the infographic.

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Find Website Listing Opportunities using Search Operators

As a webmaster, you’re always on the lookout for opportunities where you can list your clients’ websites.

Finding a listing website relevant to your clients’ industry can be hard sometimes. I have been on that path and understand how it is.

To make things easy, try searching the keyword followed by a phrase like add a site within quotes.

Here’s an example, plumbing “add site.” Check out the results.

You’ll find tens of web sites that exclusively list plumbing service providers. Easy, wasn’t it?

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Now there are just two queries that I’ve listed here that make your life easy.

I’ve listed several other ready-to-use search queries in combination with search operators in my infographic.

Don’t forget to bookmark it and revisit the infographic when you’re stuck trying to find a resource.

If you’ve got some great tips yourself, don’t forget to share them, and of course, if you think I’ve not covered something let me know through the comment box. I’ll surely get back to you on it.

  1. Hi Brandon,

    I love google operators because that helping me alot to find result on google search engine because by help of these operator you can find exact search result.. thanks for this info-graphics because inside this inforgraphic you cover some very unknown tips which I didn’t know before.. again thanks

    Mohd Arif