Ways to Heighten Your Impact with Instagram and SEO

Marketers know pretty well that it is essential to grab higher rankings on search engines. Brands are known to rely completely on being discovered through search, for building and growing their businesses. The key question is what the role of Instagram is, in promoting the brands. Does Instagram contribute effectively to search engine rankings? Yes, it does. Though high quality and relevant content would be effective in getting you a high ranking in search results, integrating Instagram and social media could immensely boost your SEO rankings.


Role of Instagram in Boosting Your Search Ranking

Instagram was launched successfully in the year 2010 and only in 6 years it has experienced a phenomenal growth and has become a really robust social media force that cannot be undermined or overlooked. Instagram’s phenomenal growth is known to have outpaced all other top social media platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Moreover, Instagram boasts dedicated users, over 500 million monthly active users and over 300 million daily active users. Statistics reveal that Instagram’s users seem to be relatively more open to the idea of brand interactions. Whether you are thinking of advertising or not, Instagram could be a fabulous marketing channel for the right brand.

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Today people are having a strong bond with Instagram. They simply love the photo-sharing social media platform. More than 60 million photos are being shared every day and there is a leap in the numbers every now and then. To use this platform to the fullest, you must not only be smart and wise with all your images and campaigns but you must start thinking Instagram to be an integral part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Brand Profile Must Be Complete on Instagram

Just like any other social media networks, it is crucial to make the most of the profile info section by providing an image and also a URL to your website. Most people generally would not visit your site directly. Most probably they would be discovering your company via social media platforms they frequently visit. Incorporating Instagram into your social marketing endeavors is certainly a great beginning. Sharing mind-blowing pictures is the best way of grabbing attention for your specific brand. It is a good thing if more and more people start liking, as well as, engaging with your interesting visual content. They would want to know more about your brand and they would eventually click on the URL you have provided along with your profile picture.

Make the Most of the Hashtags

If you use relevant keywords and hashtags, it would be pretty convenient and easy for people to find your pictures and it would be easier for you to boost engagement with the pictures you share. Here are a few reminders:

  • Your hashtags must be relevant to your message and your brand.
  • Coming up with a customized or personalized hashtag is certainly a fabulous way of tracking, organizing and promoting contests while using Instagram.
  • Stay away from using too many hashtags as that may dilute your message and brand.
  • Stay abreast with the trending and popular keywords, hashtags and the Instagram likes and comments generated by them. These are known to directly influence your search ranking.

Link Instagram Accounts with Your Twitter and Facebook Profiles

Make sure that you are linking your Instagram account to your Twitter, as well as, Facebook profiles. If you do that, when you are sharing photos on your Instagram account, you could simultaneously share them on Twitter and Facebook as well. This would be boosting the visibility of all your posts and also, build more engagement with the specific brand. Make it a point to include a hashtag in the image title to enhance discoverability. The text that you would be adding along with your picture would be showing up automatically on pictures shared to your Twitter and Facebook feeds directly from the Instagram profile.

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Your Photos Should Narrate a Brand Story

You need to be exceptionally creative. You could consider sharing relevant pictures and short videos about how exactly your product has been made.  You could consider sharing a variety of pictures that are equally relevant to your specific brand and also, interesting and attention-grabbing as far as your clients and fans are concerned.

Post Your Instagram Photos and Videos to Your Website

Consider incorporating engagement stimulants on your own website by using photos or videos that you would be uploading directly to your very own Instagram account. This could help immensely in boosting your SEO. You must have organized a contest and had written a post regarding the winning pictures on your website for enhancing your brand story. If you are getting more and more shares and likes, there is a real good possibility of an improvement in your SEO ranking.

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It is important to be resourceful and creative if you are looking for maximizing your brand’s search-ability and impact online. Making the most of Instagram is the best policy for building brand awareness, boosting consumer interest and encouraging purchases.

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