Periscope for Android

Twitter Launches Periscope for Android

Periscope, the live streaming service had been launched on iOS more than 2 months ago. Twitter has now launched the app for Android users too.

While there are many similarities to the iOS version, the app takes several design patterns from Android.

iOS users will be gasping, as Periscope has added some new features to the new Android version.

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Periscope for Android

  • You can control the type of notifications they can view
  • You can toggle on/off whenever anyone you are following begins streaming or shares broadcast or follows you
  • When you leave a live stream and move to another app, Periscope will provide you a shortcut to the broadcast when you return the next time

The team is expected to bring these features to the iOS version too.

Meerkat beat the Twitter-owned app by a few weeks by making it first on Android. But this hasn’t in any way affected the popularity of Periscope.

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It was this app that was getting most of the attention after the recent Mayweather-Pacquiao bout. Meerkat wasn’t anywhere near across the horizon.

But there’s no confirmation as to who has a larger user base. While Twitter claimed a user base of 1 million within 10 days of launching the app on Apple devices, Meerkat asserted this month that it has crossed the 2 million mark.

According to research agencies the demand for Meerkat has dropped significantly over the weeks. Just after the release on Google’s operating system, the app ranked No. 75 on it and No. 161 on Apple’s OS (in the list of the most downloaded apps in its category). At that time Twitter’s app ranked at a decent No. 20.

It is expected that the demand for the app will be similar on Android. Keep checking this section to remain updated on it performance in the next few weeks.

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