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Top search engine monitoring tools You Should Surely Check Out

Are you highly concerned about how your website performs in the search engine? Search engine monitoring tools come very handy in helping people like you to regularly evaluate and monitor their website ranking on the search engine. There are many search engine tools that can help you evaluate the different aspects of your search engine optimization effort as well as to determine your website performance on the search engine such as these search engine monitoring tools that you should surely have to check out.

search engine monitoring tools

1.      Wix SEO and Wizard Monitoring Tool

This is a monitoring tool that can help webmasters in finding the most popular search phrases that the consumers are using on the search engine that will likely help them make their website found on similar searches. The tool helps to monitor the website’s performance in the search engine when a certain keyword or phrases are used. By using this search engine monitoring tool the user will have a better idea how to optimize their website using a specific targeted keyword that will make their website to be easily found in the search result.

2.      SE Ranking

If you want a search engine monitoring tool that can help you use some analytic reports about your keyword ranking on the search engine, the SE Ranking tool can help. What it primarily does is to track down your website global search rankings with better accuracy. It does an automated update regarding your search rank performance and provides an analytic report integrated with Google Analytics for more powerful monitoring of your website performance on the search.

3.      The Search Monitor

This monitoring tool can help you evaluate your website ranking performance across the various search engines with a targeted monitoring report on your competitor’s paid search and organic search campaigns. The tool can track down your website performance to different search engine platforms, including news, blogs, forums, mobile and shopping sites for your eCommerce website. The tool likewise tracks down your trademark trails across the search engines with a comprehensive report about these various aspects of your website ranking.

4.      Adgooroo

This is a tool that can help you monitor your paid search campaigns as well as organic search performance of your website that can help you identify which SEO strategy can work best for your search engine ranking. It helps you to monitor your competitor’s search strategies, including their website ranking statistics and performance that can give you a better search rank positioning advantage.  This search engine monitoring tool works best for your advertising campaigns and in monitoring your website organic and paid search campaigns.

5.      CleverStat

This monitoring tool primarily tracks down your website performance on the Google search engine for a specific keyword. The tool gives you a better insight on which keywords or phrases can help boost your website ranking on the search for a better targeted traffic result. By identifying which keyword to use in optimizing your search ranking in Google, you can essentially focus your SEO efforts within a targeted range.

6.      Keyword Competitor

Search engine users find your website by using keyword searches. This search engine monitoring tool provides some insights about your website performance on the search using a particular keyword. You can track down the keywords used by your competitors that help their website perform more efficiently on the search engine. Using the tool you can track down as many as 1000 keywords and capture high performing keywords on your landing pages. By keeping an eye on your own keywords and those used by your competitors, you can gain a better advantage of targeting specific keywords that will give your website better search engine ranking.

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