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Top 5 Reasons To Have Responsive Website Design

The use of mobile phones, smart phones, iPads, iPhones, tablets and laptops has increased dramatically over the last few years and so has accessing internet on these platforms.

According to a recent survey, 35% of Google search results originated from smart phones. Unfortunately, viewing a particular website on such devices doesn’t always provide great user navigation experience.

As the adoption of smart phones and tablets is increasing rapidly, so does the necessity to launch mobile-friendly websites. However, creating a website for each device is almost impractical.

With an increasing number of people using smart phones and tablets to search information, products and services on the internet, can you afford to miss out on a large number of sales leads?

Mobile sales have definitely outgrown desktop or laptop sales. It is believed that the number is expected to increase with the passage of time.

The demand for platform-friendly websites has accelerated over the time, and businesses that rely on websites should be sensible enough to understand the trend and make a wise decision of building platform-friendly websites.

Responsive website design is one of the popular concepts today. Every website owner is becoming aware of this great design concept to attract an increasing number of visitors.

Incorporating responsive design will not only bring more traffic to your website, it can also save you a large amount of money in future.

Responsive website design is the future of online marketing. You cannot promote your services or products on the internet unless your online business embraces the latest technology trends.

As a matter of fact, if your users’ navigation experience on your site is poor, they are less likely to consider your brand, and thus their interest can divert to competitor sites.

Read on to know why you shouldn’t overlook the concept of having a responsive website design.

  1. One website solves the purpose

When it comes to online business, you should consider all aspects to reach your wider market. Those days are gone when you had to create websites for different platforms to reach your target market. It is nothing less than wasting money.

Today, only one website design (i.e. responsive website design) can solve the purpose of promoting your services online. Create once, use everywhere!

A responsive website design enables your website to adjust according to the screen size regardless of the platform, thus eliminating the necessity for creating different website versions for different platforms.

Also, integrating responsive design is practical and saves money from every aspect, be it staying up-to-date or expanding with technology. 

  1. Google prefers responsive design

Even Google gives preference to responsive website design over mobile sites. Mobile-friendly websites use different URLs and thus make it difficult for Google crawlers to crawl and index them.

On the other hand, a responsive website uses only one URL irrespective of the platform, and is easier for Google to crawl and index it.

Responsive website design


In addition, Google recommends responsive design due to its flexibility to share content that is present on the site. Improve your search engine rankings with responsive design and bring more traffic to your site!

  1. Better user experience

A responsive website design adjusts according to different screen size and resolution, and fits perfectly on a mobile screen. The user tends to navigate away from a site that doesn’t provide easier and interactive website design.

A well put responsive design is the best way to improve user experience while showcasing your products or services in an interactive way. User experience is important to increase sales leads and ROI.

better user experience

  1. Gives you an edge over your competitors

A responsive website design always keeps you ahead of the competition. A large number of online businesses are taking interest in this new technology.

These businesses prefer responsive design over standard device design. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to keep up with the competition by launching platform-friendly sites.

  1. Easy to manage

Responsive web design is easier to manage and maintain. You can invest your efforts, time and money on a single platform while focusing on other important aspects of your business.

Also, this concept keeps you up-to-date with the market trends, and is super easy to handle and operate.

A responsive website offers numerous benefits along with easy search engine optimization. In today’s world, overlooking the importance of responsive design may lead you to failure in the online world. Of course, you didn’t upgrade to fail!

Therefore, grow with the technology and stay up-to-date with responsive website design.

The main purpose of launching a website is to reach a wider market, and get an edge over the competitors but without having the right tools you’re heading nowhere.

Invest your money, time, and efforts in the right place and see your business taking shape in no time!

  1. Hi Elvin,

    The 5 reasons you mentioned are spot-on and very correct.

    Responsive Web Designs are a must now, many premium themes are all responsive, so I don’t think that should be a problem.

    Nice one.



  2. Hi Dan Ewah,

    Thanks for Appreciating.