Which law tells that apple drops down to earth? Which film starred Angelina Jolie as an archaeologist and a video game role player? These questions come to your mind now and then and you suffer from questionnaires in your mind? This disorder could be named as Trivia syndrome! If your breakfast passes thinking about these questions then it is sure that you are a trivia lover aficionado. If you own iPad, then you are luckiest person in this world! Just quench your thirst of questions and their trickiest answers by downloading some of these top 5 addicting games for iPad – trivia from the app store.

You Don’t Know Jack




This game has a strong reason to be put at the top of our list. The creators have utilized the theme that the same question can be put for two different identities. This idea is the best ever trivia theme and this game do full justice to the efforts of creators. Show style trivia genre resembles heavy pop culture inclination and suits well to any trivia fan!





QuizUp is the best medium to test your mettle against a hefty opponent. Casual quick game, QuickUp is very easy to get playing it with many categories to test your knowledge at par of all things. Automatic matchup with your opponent and rapid questionnaire are both interesting to grasp at a time. Faster gets more points and more pointers win the game. In the final round, you are presented with a bonus of 2x points. Are you fast to matchup the QuizUp? Let’s see through this game.

Movie Challenge


Movie Challenge - TRIVIA games


For the movie fans, this mini game based trivia game is best suited. You are challenged with the hardest hangman styled questions where you have simply to guess the answers while picking alphabets. The other mode offers you a puzzle with a list of animated features to arrange you in most to the least grossing movie. You are awarded with cool power-ups for helping you out in the hard times. Movie buffs will surely enjoy this game.

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Jeopardy - TRIVIA Games


Steep rates of this most addicting trivia game are the loose point, but it is worth buying for the fun it provides to the trivia fans. Though most expensive, it is the best as per the choice of questions and its theme. Additional questions pack can be availed at an additional cost.99$ each. It is the costliest game for the fanatics who love to play and interact with other contestants to gauge their level of world view.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?


Who wants to be a Millionaire? - TRIVIA Games

Frequent changes in the questionnaire and the worth of every question – it is a really dynamic approach of the developers of this game. Sometimes you can get initial question of $25,000 but the next of $500. This adds an unexpected fun to reach at the winning end of this game, which isn’t easy in any way.  In the quest to be a millionaire, you have to answer the right choice, either yourself or by using one of the 4 lifelines. Once accustomed to the rules, you can become a millionaire, but many can’t!

Without doubt the above mentioned games are better than best, however you are free to share your top addicting trivia game for iPad.


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