Top 10 Content Development Tips for Bloggers 2017

Basically, blogging is an art and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, using the right blogging tools will help your art to get rise and shine. As a blogger, most of you already know that how to create a blog and maintaining a successful blog regularly is a tough job. Further, you can say that regardless of what your blog is about, if you will start ignoring it, you will suffer the consequences of losing your followers.

Further, you have to also keep in mind that if you don’t have interest in what you are writing about, then you might take your blog further. Due to this we have gathered some best and most useful content development tips for all the bloggers in 2017 and some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Be consistent

One of the most important content development tip for bloggers is that they should maintain consistency in their content. So, make sure that whatever you are blogging about, you are consistently adding up interesting content related to it.

2. Constantly improve your writing skills

Another important content development tip for bloggers is that they should constantly improve their writing skills. It is for all would be content developers that please don’t let your lack of experience and confidence overpower your writing skills.

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3. Write according to your target audience

Next important tip for content developers is that you have to write according to your target audience. Just see and analyze that who all will be reading your blog and what they are demanding in your blog.

4. Be patient

Another most important tip for content developers is that you have to be patient enough if you are new in this field. Don’t expect all returns immediately because the internet is a vast place with lots of other things to keep people bind and interested unless you don’t dedicate to your blog for long.

5. Use some specific keywords

This is one of the other useful tip for content developers which says that you should use some specific keywords in your content. Using some specific keywords in your content is a great idea and it will enhance your data in front your readers.

6. Write short posts

Writing short posts is also one of the most useful content development tip for bloggers. Many bloggers make this mistake and tend to forget that what their readers actually want and due to this they start writing meaningless and long posts. So, always write short posts in a simple manner.

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7. Make your post quick and easy to read

If you want to make your post interesting, make your post easy by cutting your whole content into various sections and lists. This technique or tip will make your post easy, clear and interesting to read.

  1. Make easily shareable content

It is very important for a blogger to share his content to make it successful. So, try to make your content easily sharable so that readers can tell others also about you and your ideas. With this, you can become popular without ant struggle and advertisement.

9. Only publish your best content

There is a lot of competition today and everyone is in race of publishing good content. So, in that case, it is very important for you that you should publish only your best content. Therefore, it’s better to publish one excellent post per week than posting 4 mediocre ones.

10. Try to connect with your readers

Last but not the least content development tip is that bloggers should always try to connect with their readers because without having a connection with your readers you will never get to know that what they exactly want from your blog.

  1. Thanks for sharing info…i like it

  2. Hey Alicia,

    Glad to read your amazing post and I’m totally agree with your points. A successful content strategy always brings new insight to users. Our content must be valuable by educating or informing the audience on a deeper level. If we aren’t informative, or if your content is trite, redundant, or can be found easily elsewhere, our results and viewership will suffer.

    Generally, Content marketing means consistently creating and distributing information that is valuable and relevant to those people within a small business’s target audience. Ultimately, the goal is for our content to entice a consumer to do business with our company. Consistency is considered as key ingredient to a successful content marketing strategy.

    Content strategy should seek to produce and distribute content that is consistently shared by our audience, but that also can be shared easily. Eventually, thanks for sharing your healthy information with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this article. Some points which we generally ignore are:
    1. Content with proper subheading
    2. Focus on Title
    3. Should focus on quality of content not quantity.

    But one thing i just want to ask, what about those sites which still needed 500 or 600 words article. How can we make a 600-700 article as user friendly as 300 words content???

    Waiting for response!!