Tips for Internet Marketing On a Shoestring Budget

Everyone understands that a successful marketing campaign is vital to the success of any business. If you are just starting out, you cannot afford to as generous in your marketing spend as the big firms. And when it comes to online marketing, most of the first timers dedicate even fewer resources to it. However, there is still a lot that you can achieve from your internet marketing campaign by being focused and creative. Here are some tips for the same.

A recent headline in various leading news dailies (Nov, 2013) threw in the astonishing fact that the world’s biggest consumer electronics and Smartphone manufacturer Samsung’s marketing budget for 2013 will be in excess to a gargantuan $14 billion, a figure that exceeds the total GDP of  Iceland. With digital marketing eating up a large share of the total marketing spending it can be safely assumed that a large part of this amount was used for online marketing campaigns.

This is a figure that is beyond the imagination of most small to medium business owners when it comes to planning their annual marketing allocations. However, all hope is not lost for them. There are techniques that can help you gain a good return, even on a tight budget.

internet marketing

Find your audience:

The internet is a tool with endless opportunities. With the sea of information available and the users in control of what they want, getting your product, idea or website in front of potential customers is a challenge. First of all you must have the clear vision of where your market lies. Before spending even a dime on hiring resources to work your marketing plan have a clearly defined audience.

To know what will work for you, find out who will be most interested in your product? Whether it will be more popular amongst the youth or older? Are men more suitable to use that product or women? The age group, the geographical region and similar demographic factors will help you reach the target audience more easily. Completing this exercise will take some time, but when you are already are on a tight budget, using your dollars in the right places become all the more important.

Be creative:

With a small budget your chances of success rest heavily on how creatively you allocate your budget. The history has it that adversity has led to an expansion of imagination that has given birth to more creative solutions of problems. The lack of huge funds should act as a motivation for you to find more innovative ways of using the available resources and getting the most out of them. Experiment with your social media strategy a bit, tweak your SEO techniques until it clicks.

Set clear goals:

Set measurable goals that you are looking to achieve with the online marketing campaigns. It can be a certain number of Facebook likes, or followers on Twitter. Where do you want to stand three months into the online marketing campaign? Is it better brand awareness or more sales that you are looking to achieve. Setting, adjusting and resetting goals is an essential part of every internet marketing plan.

Invest time:

With lesser money to throw in, you cannot afford to be complacent or lackadaisical in formulating and execution of your marketing strategy. It also means that you will have to cover up for the less finances with more investment of time and efforts. Building online communities, fan following and reputation demands a regular stream of activity. It might include regular blog posts, video submissions, engagement with the audience through meaningful conversation and monitoring of analytics such as website traffic, and rankings. Although the result wouldn’t be visible overnight, your consistency will pay off in due time.

Hiring raw intellectual talent:

Big firms that have millions of dollars to spend can hire a big team of professionals, such as SEOs, SMOs, UI experts, content writers, PR persons and others. Every hired employee is allocated a certain role and is concerned with that only. You certainly do not have the luxury to hire as big a team. Your focus should be on recruiting candidates that show an eagerness to learn, can handle multiple roles simultaneously and are not afraid getting hands-on with the latest technology. In the end, it is the person at the helm of your online marketing plans who will make the difference.

Saurabh Tyagi is a budding online blogger and social media enthusiast. He keeps an eye on the latest search engine trends and offers expert advice on various issues and topics pertaining to choosing the various online marketing jobs and techniques.