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Sprinkles and Apple Clips Shine a Light on The Mobile App Copycat Game

Just weeks after Apple announced “Clips,” a new video editing and sharing app, Microsoft introduced its own take on mobile editing. “Sprinkles” is a camera app that automatically adds stickers and captions based on the objects it

Funny Whatsapp Group names for everyone

Hello friends, welcome to another exciting post. Today I brought something worth paying attention to. You just cannot avoid reading this article.As far as I know, what’s App is one of the most popular Chating App nowadays.

More fun with online games

Those individuals who are looking for options in gaming that will help transform the entire virtual world into a playground must try the unlimited online games available in the current times. One of the best attributes of


Which law tells that apple drops down to earth? Which film starred Angelina Jolie as an archaeologist and a video game role player? These questions come to your mind now and then and you suffer from questionnaires

Top Most Addicting Games for iPad your Child will Love to Play

Your iPad is a real fun device offering games, books, music, entertainment and much more at a single doorstep. Gaming on iPad is considered best for children as well adults. There are pretty games in the market

5 Best Free Theme Apps for Android Device

If you aren’t interested in rooting your android device as well as utilizing its open source nature to customize it your way, then android launchers with marvellous themes are your life saver. Android Launchers are the apps

5 Free Most Addicting Games for Your iPad

A long time has elapsed since the release of iPads. From the very first day, tremendous developer support to iOS and their eagerness to provide something out of the league has made the iPad a far-flung device