Speakol: A Commenting tool with a difference

As a blogger what do you want to achieve through commenting? I, for example want to achieve the following things:

  • I want to build real relationship with my readers.
  • I want to start conversation with and among my readers.
  • I want to get my readers opinion on a particular topic or discussion.
  • I want to build a strong sense of community among my readers.

Now if you too are a serious blogger and want to get business from your blog, your commenting goals cannot be much further.

Commenting has always been one of the most potent tools for relationship and community building for bloggers.

As a blogger I have previously used a number of commenting tools such as Facebook commenting, Google Plus comments, Disqus etc.

But somehow the limitations of these tools always bothered me. So, when I came across the new commenting tool ‘Speakol’ I decided to review it thoroughly on every single feature it offers.

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So, here is my review on ‘Speakol’, the new commenting tool:

Speakol, the name stands for ‘Speak Out Loud’. Now this is one tool that claims to provide maximum readers’ engagement. So, let us discuss the many features the tool offers and what we think about it:

Feature 1: Argument

How does it work?

As the name suggests this feature lets you post an argument on which your readers can ‘vote for’ or ‘vote against’. All you have to do is to post a catchy topic for the argument and call your readers to give their opinion on it.

argumentbox-sample- speakolYour readers can participate in the argument by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ sign to voice their opinion. And there they’ll have to justify their votes in the comments below.

  • It’s fun and it’s to the point. Your readers can voice their opinion in just a click.
  • It’s interactive. As the readers have to give a justification for their choice, you as well as your readers get a whole bunch of new perspective on the topic, which in turn make the post more interesting.
  • It engages your reader. You have been posting in the blog, and your readers have been reading it till now. They have been receiving your perspective all the time. But with this Argument feature, you get to sit back and watch, as your readers engage to back their opinions and viewpoints.
  • And last but not the least it is really easy to use. I posted my first argument in just minutes.

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Feature 2: Comparison

How does it work?

So, you’ve got a product or service to buy and are a little confused between two similar products. Well, no need to fret; Speakol is here to rescue. In just two minutes create a comparison between the products.

You don’t need to do much. Just post the name of the products and ask your readers for suggestion on which one to go ahead with and why.

Your readers can vote for the product they like and let you know the best features in the comment section.

Speakol Comparison Tool

And you’ll get the comprehensive statistic on the dashboard and will get the answer to your query. In one of my recent post I’ve used this feature and have a huge response as you can see in above screenshot.

  • It instils a sense of value in your readers. Well as a blogger you must be a master of your niche and your readers most probably look up to you for suggestions and tips in this particular domain. They value your opinion in this field. And when you ask them for their suggestion on a particular choice, you make them feel equally valued and honoured. And valuing your readers in the easiest way to get them back on your site.
  • It creates superb readers engagement. While your readers can give you their valued opinions, you can replay to them through the Speakol widget to get the conversation going.
  • We loved the simplicity of it. Just two minutes and you are sorted. You can ask your query and get the statistic on the dashboard which you can publish later.

Feature 3: Debate

How does it work?

Now who does not love a heated debate in their blog? Be it politics or economy or technological topic, all you have to do is to find out two experts expressing two different view point on the same topic.

The more different the better! Now simply put those expert opinions on your post and ask your reader to debate on this.


You can set a time limit for the debate and once it’s over you can  declare a winning party. To get more response, choose a topic that is trending.

  • Any debate provides a healthy competitive energy; your blog is no different.
  • It creates a sense of participation. With Speakol, your readers are not just responding to your posts anymore, but they are forming the post, taking part in the discussion. This can create an amazing sense of participation and ownership towards your blog.
  • Again the simplicity of it. Even if you are not good with technology, you can do it with two simple steps.

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Feature 4: Speakol Notification

How does it work?

Here you can say I was saving the best feature for the last. This amazing feature gives notification for any new vote, response or comment to your readers once they engage in any debate, comparison or argument on your blog.

It works much like the notification system in social media sites. Now once your reader receives the notifications there is high chances that they’ll like to check it out. More traffic for you!

  • We love it. There is actually nothing that you don’t like about it.
  • It gets you repeat traffic.
  • It boosts your readers’ engagement.
  • It makes the whole process fun.

To sum it up:

Well, I have been using this tool for quite some time now. And as for me, I’m extremely happy with the experience.


  • Speakol is nowhere similar to the traditional commenting tools and thus serves a totally different purpose by creating another level of relationship building.
  • Speakol is simple. Even if you are technologically challenged you can use it without any mistake.
  • Speakol is engaging.
  • Speakol is fun.


  • While Speakol is really great tool, it does not substitute the tradition commenting tools. Thus even if you have Speakol you cannot let go the other conventional commenting tools.

In our opinion, if you are looking at creating a blog that is interactive and engaging, you should totally go for Speakol.

So now that you know how amazing this new tool is, what to get it for your blog? Installing Speakol is very easy, just click on the link here and go ahead.

Have you used this tool yet? If yes do let us know your opinion on this. And if you have not, then use it and let us know your experience.


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