7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Social Media in 2015

Tweets, likes, regrams, follows, hashtags, RTs, #YOLO… It’s not always easy for businesses to unpick and realise the value of social media. Often social media can seem throwaway, frivolous or a waste of time. Yet look to

Now Read News Stories Directly on Facebook without Clicking on Links

Today more people get their news updates on social sites than on traditional media. And Facebook is the biggest player in that list. So Mark Zuckerberg cannot afford to miss out on that big opportunity. Now the

Facebook Launches Riff for Creating and Editing Videos of up to 20 Seconds

Facebook has been video conscious for a long time now. It has now released a new video app known as Riff. The social site’s objective behind launching the new app is to make it easier to share

New Update for Twitter Mobile Users Explaining Hashtags

The trending topics on Twitter can something become so big that they take the form of national movements. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is of much importance or not. At times things can be confusing when

Instagram Now Allows Following Specific Accounts through Notifications

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing site has now made it possible for its users to track any accounts. You will now be able to track all your favorite accounts without letting them know. This can be enabled by

12 easy ways to get more followers on Instagram for free

Haven’t you joined Instagram? Aren’t you eager to know why this simple photo sharing network has filled up with more than 150 million users in just few years. Do you want one of your picture to be

Know people better through the Instagram feature of Tinder

If you are single then there is a great chance that you are on Tinder, the widely popular dating app. Social networking sites have a lot of influence on our lives, as they make it easier for

7 Incredible Facts About Twitter that can improve your Online Marketing Strategy

In the life of a modern user of the Internet and member of different social networks, Twitter is one of such networks, that has scored more than 300 million users since it was launched in 2006. Many

Facebook Continues to Thwart Google through New Acquisition

There have been rumours abound that Facebook wants to challenge the largest search engine and become one itself. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Graph Search, he acknowledged that it was part of the social network’s long-term strategy to

Facebook to cut down on fake Likes on your business page

If you are a business owner and are using the popular social media site, Facebook for reaching out to your customers, then here is a news that can be both good and bad for you. How? Well,

How to Use Hashtags – The Ultimate Guide

Do you use social media such as Twitter or Instagram regularly? If yes, then you must be aware of hashtags. If you are on web, you cannot avoid this tiny little tagging sign anymore. They’ve quite literally

How to Transform your LinkedIn Post into a “Potent” Marketing Tool?

Content Marketing, as we know it, forms the backbone of all our optimization needs; more so when a well written piece is valued across varied social media platforms. Being a professional, I had to make multiple switches