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Social Media- A Nightmare with Scary Monsters!

social media profilesSocial networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, linked-in, Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, Delicious & dig, etc. are becoming a part of our daily life.

Every common person is registered on these social networks and communicates with others through these platforms. But despite being a blessing sometimes it is felt that social media is turning into the worst nightmare possible.

Many problems have arisen as an after effect that resulted due to the daily usage of these social networking sites which are affecting the health and daily lives of common human beings at the very extreme level.


People are becoming addicted to the social media. You will feel completely alone and left out, if you are not able to visit your social network for one day.

All of your friends communicate with each other and with you through these platforms. All the invitations for every wedding, birthdays and New Year night parties are given through these networks.

Any sort of important announcement is made only through these sites, nobody bothers texting you or calling you anymore.

If any sort of important event has occurred in your office or your school, then it would be discussed among your friends on the platform of social network.


Nobody bothers using mobiles, telephone or even worst, nobody bothers visiting you at your home. All they do is update their status, upload their pictures and videos and that’s it.

No need to go to Manhattan just to visit your sister during weekends anymore. All you have to do is go online and visit your sister’s page on any social networking site and there you can see her latest pictures, videos, her latest status update and it would be enough to satisfy you.

But the problem is that these sorts of things are isolating human beings from each other. Whenever you are sick, you will need a friend or a relative or even your children to look after you.

Thanks to the social networking sites you can only get their “Get Well Soon” messages from around the world, nobody is free enough to visit you or take care of you!

Privacy invaded:

Thanks to social media, the biggest threat available to mankind is the invasion of their privacy.

You upload your day to day family pictures in your account and anyone can share them to the person you would have never allowed to see your personal snapshots.

Even your mobile number and residential address are also available in the personal details section of your account. This could be extremely dangerous for your privacy and biggest threat to your security.

Anyone who is stalking you can find out about your family, your daily routine, your personal thoughts, and the worst of all, your private mobile number and residential address.

Any website you visit regarding any product, you enter your name to get the information about that product and BOOM!

That website will suck all of your personal information from your social network. Day by day people are getting more and more dependent on this monster commonly known as social media!

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