Launch your affiliate review site

Seven simple steps to launch your first affiliate review site

The first step to online marketing is developing a beneficial affiliate review site. Review website generation is quite direct, and has  very minimal costs if you decide on tackling it yourself.

After the affiliate review website is up and running, it doesn’t need any tampering again unless with the exception of odd reviews.

Nonetheless, generating such a site is not as simple as perceived to be.

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Launch your affiliate review site

Here are seven simple steps to launch an affiliate review site.

  1. Determine your interests

Generation of an affiliate review site involves bulky writing; however, one has the option of hiring a freelancer to do the writing.

Select topics of your interest to keep you motivated and above all, have fun writing. This in-turn will make your content and reviews  sound more honest and natural.

Nonetheless this doesn’t restrict you from writing on topics that you enjoy. Kick-starting a project rooted on your passion will always ensure consistent idea flow and help you avoid  quitting halfway.

Your site’s idea can be based on anything from DIY, juicing blenders or even bicycles. Knowing less about your niche shouldn’t bar you from working on it.

You can gather all the additional information you require from the internet and also research more on areas you  don’t know about.

  1. Choose your niche

The term niche means a portion of a larger market. Niches aid marketers internet marketers divide their audience to smaller sections, thereby allowing them to address their clients’ needs better and manage designed marketing strategies for every niche.

In reference to the first step, selecting a topic you find enjoyable doesn’t necessarily brand it a profitable niche.

To find out whether your topic is profitable or not, you need to do research.

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  1. Research

Most people don’t like to research, but what they do not realize is that research is vital.

Research allows one to know whether or not their niche is in demand, profitable, and even find out the competition.

The first instinct for some would be to find a niche that hasn’t yet been entered, right? Wrong. It may be right only in the case of a new product launch.

A niche with far less competition often implies that it is too small for anyone to spend their valuable time on or it isn’t profitable.

A profitable niche is one that has other profiting.

Conduct keyword research preferable on Google AdWords, which is simple to use and is also free.

The main aim for generating an affiliate review site is for profit. Therefore, find out if your niche will generate revenue or not.

  1. Site naming

Site name, also referred to as domain name will be your site’s URL.

Use a keyword in the site name, make it brand-able, and limit yourself to three words at most- more will make it sound tacky and resembles a spam.

You can opt to purchase a domain name if you find it challenging to generate on yourself.

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  1. Development phase

There are several platforms in which you can develop your affiliate review site, the simplest being WordPress especially for first-timers.

Most affiliate marketers utilize WordPress because it is easy, simple, and changeableas well as allows you full control over your website.

In addition, you will rank better in Google and your review site will look more valid and legit.

  1. Content generation

This is the lengthiest part of the entire process. It involves generation of product reviews on many items within your niche; name its ups and downs, features and how you managed with it.

Start with roughly 6-8 reviews ideally more than 1,000 words for each, and also include contact information as well as ‘about us’ page.

Go to your competitors’ site to get an idea of the style, template and format to use. You will get used to writing with time.

One thing to note is, don’t focus only on the extensively positive review only.


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This is because you will be lying to your prospects, hence damaging your site’s reputation and credibility. Try and be honest with every review.

  1. Hit ‘Start’!

You have your affiliate review site ready to be online and it’s time to start reaping its rewards. However, remember that the reaping does not start overnight.

Give it a few weeks for it to be ranked by Bing and Google, and also create back-links on social media. In time, you will reap its rewards.

These steps will help you generate your own affiliate review site but remember the start will be slow.

With time, you will generate back-links to your site and even increase your site’s daily hits, thereby increasing your profits.

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