SEO Techniques to Lift Up Your Website in Google’s Top 10 Results

A business without a website is walking with just a single leg.

There is no way they can compete and expect to become a juggernaut if they don’t develop competence in ecommerce since that’s where the majority of sales are flowing-in in this era of Internet.

In turn, this forces every business to play nice with Google, because everyone wants their website to show up whenever someone types in something relevant to their business.

If a website is in dire straits to find relevance in search engine optimization or SEO, who should they call? SEO in Syracuse is one option.

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In general, professionals called SEO experts are the people you want to reach out to.

They are experts because they have spent years in building a solid foundation on how to rank well on internet search engines — particularly Google.

But their services come with a clause, they can be quite expensive.

Some have literally turned themselves into millionaires by providing useful SEO advice to huge corporations.

SEO Techniques

Small businesses don’t have enough money to burn. With that said, here are some SEO techniques that can easily plug-in holes in your SEO strategy and would likely help place your website in Google’s top 10 results.

Never duplicate content

Google loves unique content.

Their search engine crawlers are prompt in detecting if your published content has been posted elsewhere.

If it does detect it, it’s going to be very difficult to get out of the hole Google will be placing your website into.

They do this because of the simple fact that plagiarizers are rampant on the internet.

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Never stop building links

Every SEO expert will agree that off-page optimization does around 80% of the job in ranking your website on search engines.

Faced with many ranking factors which are impossible to figure out because Google keeps them secret, it makes more sense to work on what we’re sure of.

And off-page optimization or building back links is one such strategy.

Don’t over-link

Google’s search engine algorithm has undergone many changes. One of the most recent ones is the addition of its distaste for too many links on a web page.

Google thinks that doing so is tantamount to trying to trick its algorithm, which will now result in a down vote of ranking.

Check out Good Monster, a marketing company that provides SEO in Syracuse.

Installing sitemaps

Using html or xml sitemaps on your website is a way of making sure that Google’s web spiders are able to crawl all the pages on your website no matter how big it has become.

Sitemaps works by showing the crawlers the way around your website.

Alternatively, it can also direct the crawlers to pages you don’t want Google to see.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

This strategy pertains to how leading websites made their way to the top by analyzing the SEO strategies of their competitors.

There are thousands of ways to be friendly with Google’s search engine.

And many experts believe that each niche is unique as to what ranking factor a webmaster should focus on.

This leads to a lot of confusion that can only be ironed out by knowing what’s working with competitors.


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